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TVN at the forefront of brands most strongly associated as supporting the LGBT+ community

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Netflix, Google and TVN are the three brands that audiences most strongly associate with support for the LGBT + community, according to a report conducted by the Wavemaker communication agency. The company also examined the assessment of brands’ involvement in “socio-political matters”.

The survey conducted by Wavemaker covered a group of 1,500 respondents over 18 years of age. According to it, Netflix, Google and TVN are the brands that are most strongly associated with support for the LGBT+ community. They were indicated by 23, 19 and 18 percent of all respondents respectively. Next came: Facebook, Durex, IKEA, Empik, McDonald’s, Nike and Gazeta Wyborcza on a par with MTV. Further places were taken by: Levi’s, Microsoft, HBO, CD Projekt, YES, Lego, BMW, BNP Paribas and Ben&Jerry.

Netflix, Google and TVN are most strongly associated as brands supporting the LGBT+ communitywave maker

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46 percent of all respondents spoke positively about brand support for the “rights of sexual minorities”. The group that most strongly expressed their support for supporting LGBT+ people were respondents aged 18 to 24. As many as 54 percent of them were in favor of it.

As part of the study, respondents were also asked to rate the change of the logotype to a rainbow one in social media on the occasion of pride month. 36.2 percent of the respondents were in favor, 19.5 percent were against, and 44.4 percent of the respondents admitted that they were indifferent to it. People who expressed a negative attitude towards such gestures were asked to justify their opinion. “And while 53% of them (on average, every tenth of the total respondents) are actually opposed to supporting the LGBT community, nearly half simply believe that corporations as employers should not take a position on the issue of sexual orientation, and a third of respondents believe that that rainbow logos are just a marketing ploy,” explains Wavemaker.

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Evaluation of the change of the brands’ logotype to a rainbow onewave maker

Support for brands’ involvement in “socio-political issues”

As part of the study, respondents were also asked to rate brands’ involvement in other “socio-political issues”. As it turned out, they were most positive about activities related to the promotion of children’s rights, support for the elderly, freedom of speech and protection of the natural environment, and helping the poor.

Evaluation of brands’ involvement in social and political matterswave maker

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