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TVN. “Detectives” – when is the new series of the cult para-documentary?

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A new, 15th series of the series “Detectives” is being created. The Polish para-documentary was broadcast on TVN from 2005 to 2012. It had 1040 episodes. It featured former police officers and detective assistants who solved cases based on true stories. We will see new episodes of the popular production in the fall.

Ten years ago in the serial office “Detectives” Maciej Friedek and Marzena Fliegel, former police officers, and Krzysztof Dziób, a professional actor, worked there. Who will be solving criminal mysteries this time? Anna Potaczek and Maciej Debosz – the stars of the series “W11 – Investigation Department”which could be watched on TVN in the years 2004-2014. – Many viewers remember both formats well, because they were the first and unique quasi-documents that became a model for other productions of this type – say Małgorzata Zając-Urbanik and Anna Plutecka-Mesjasz, producers of the series.

"Detectives"Anna Potaczek

“Detectives”, Anna Potaczek mat. TVN press releases

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Who will star in the new “Detectives”

Anna Potaczek is a lawyer and police officer who headed the Operations and Investigations Department for 17 years. After 22 years of police service, she switched to retirement. She performed in “W11 – Investigation Department” for almost 10 years. She gladly accepted the role in “Detectives”. – I did not think that as a mature woman, I would return to the set. I was happy with this proposal, especially since I will play again alongside my former partner in the series, Maciek Dębosz, and privately a good friend – says Potaczek.

Policeman Maciej Debosz worked as an anti-terrorist, participated in peacekeeping missions UN in Kosovo. After the shooting of “W11 – Wydział Śledczy” was completed, he played episodes in “1800 grams” and series “Lucky Papers”“Heads Up In Love”. “When I was offered the lead role in True Detective, I was overjoyed,” he said after returning to the set. – Such a meeting after many years with the crew, the creators was a great experience for me. When I start another day of shooting now, I feel like I have come back home after years of long absence – admits Dębosz.

"Detectives"Maciej Debosz

“Detectives”, Maciej Dębosz

What Will The Detectives Be About?

The new, 15th series of “Detectives” will show the backstage of the work of investigators, but also their personal problems. The producers announce that the scripts of many episodes will be based on the events that all of Poland lived. – We hope that viewers will appreciate the series and the enormous energy of our heroes with which they continue to try to fix the world – say the producers, Zając-Urbanik and Plutecka-Mesjasz.

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Main photo source: mat. TVN press releases

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