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TVN match against artists. “When you look at this little boy, you just want to help him”

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Although the hockey team of our station lost to the representation of artists, but most importantly, it was for a good cause. Who is this action for? Among other things, for Addie. He needs help, just like Ola.

Emotions after Saturday’s match between the Polish Artists’ Hockey Team and the TVN24 team have subsided somewhat. It must be admitted that Adaś Lis, present at such an important moment on the surface with his parents, who started the meeting, was not too interested in what happened later. He did not see how the TVN24 team lost, scoring three goals and letting seven into their own goal. The Hockey Team of Polish Artists defeated TVN, but in this case the result was not the most important. – The game was a complete success. We managed to raise almost PLN 40,000 for Adam’s treatment – says Mariusz Gabrek, president of the Hockey Representation of Polish Artists.

On the occasion of the match, over 200 mascots were also collected for an orphanage in Ukraine and the collection for the treatment of Aleksandra Wierzbicka – a former producer of TVN24 and a former hockey player of our team, who has to fight cancer, was publicized.

Appeal for help

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Adaś has been struggling with diseases since birth. He has neurological problems, diagnosed with epilepsy. He has nystagmus and hand defects. One of his arms was surgically lengthened. The boy also had fused fingers separated. The Paley European Institute in Warsaw assessed that it could perform another operation – the so-called policing. – He will have one of his fingers moved in place of the non-existent thumb – said Wioletta Kaczmarczyk, Adam Lis’s mother. All this so that Adaś can catch like other healthy people. – We hope that this will help him, make it easier for him to function and function in the future – adds the boy’s mother. Treatment will be possible if we manage to collect over PLN 360,000 for the operation and rehabilitation after it. Almost a quarter of a million missing. It’s too much for the possibilities of Adaś’s relatives, who admit that they can’t do it alone.

Adaś’s parents do everything to make the boy as fit as possible despite his limitations. – We work 100 percent, fun is not fun, exercises at home – says Janusz Lis, Adam’s dad. – We go to rehab, so we don’t have time for anything else. This is what our life looks like now. Adaś was born in the 27th week of pregnancy. He weighed less than a kilogram, and his twin siblings did not survive the pregnancy. – When you look at this little boy, you want to help him, because you can see that he is a very curious child – Mariusz Gabrek convinces. If we manage to raise money for the operation, Adaś will have his thumb at the beginning of September. It would be a great present for his fourth birthday. He will celebrate it in October.

Author:Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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