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TVN millionaires. In which of the following does tenno, or the son of heaven, exercise authority?

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Which of the following is ruled by the tenno, or “son of heaven”: in China, Japan, South Korea or North Korea? This question was answered by Ms Barbara Kuklińska-Nowak from Gdańsk.

In the Monday episode, Ms Barbara Kuklińska-Nowak started her game. She answered two questions correctly without using any of the available lifebuoys.

Mrs. Barbara heard, among other things, a question worth two thousand zlotys about a state ruled by “the son of heaven”.

In which of the following does tenno, or “the son of heaven” exercise power?

A: China B: Japan C: South Korea D: North Korea.

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Tenno literally translates to “heavenly ruler”. It is the title of the royal ruler of Japan, i.e. the emperor. Until the end of World War II, it was assumed that the emperor was a descendant and successor of the sun goddess Amaterasu, therefore also an intermediary between the people and the goddess.

So the correct answer is B.

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