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Friday, December 3, 2021

TVN millionaires. The city that Witkacy imagined as the height of the abomination

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Which of the cities did Witkacy imagine “as the height of abomination and as some Paramount of the worst small-town ugliness”: Zakopane, Słupsk, Kielce or Warsaw? Mr. Sebastian Kusz answered this question.

In the Thursday episode, Mr. Sebastian Kusz from Warsaw continued his game. He managed to answer seven questions correctly, using one of the three lifebuoys: half and half.

Mr. Sebastian heard a question worth PLN 75,000 about the works of Witkacy.

Which of the cities did Witkacy imagine “as the height of the hideous and some Paramount of the worst provincial ugliness”?

A: Zakopane B: Słupsk C: Kielce D: Warsaw.

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Witkacy, or Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, was born in 1885 in Warsaw. Five years later, due to his father’s illness, he moved with his family to Zakopane. The excerpt quoted in the question comes from his work “To Rodzina Gówniarzy”, in which he describes Kielce. Apparently, Witkacy wrote a play for the Kielce theater, for which he was not paid, which is why he had a negative attitude towards the city.

So the correct answer is C.

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