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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

TVN millionaires. The city where your favorite cable ensemble was founded

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Which city did the cable send the cable from, if that was where his favorite band was founded: Leicester, Basildon, London or Exeter? This question was answered by Emil Witczak from Rossoszyca.

In the Tuesday episode, Mr. Emil Witczak continued his game. He managed to answer nine questions correctly, using two of the three available lifebuoys: a half and a half and a question to the audience.

Mr. Emil was asked a question for PLN 250,000. It was about the place where the cable band was founded.

What city did the cable send the cable from, if that is where his favorite band was founded?

A: from Leicester B: from Basildon C: from London D: from Exeter

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Cables or Cables is the name of Depeche Mode fans. The British group from the circle of electronic music and alternative rock was founded in 1980. If their fan were to send a cable from where the band was founded, it would have to be Basildon.

So the correct answer is B.

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