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“TVN Millionaires”. What grows wild and in Poland only as a cultivated plant? Question and answer

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Purslane has a strong mouthfeel, rudbeckia is brilliant, echinacea is eloquent or chamomile is well-read? What grows wild in Georgia, Texas and Florida, but only as a cultivated plant in Poland? This question was answered by Mr. Patryk from Krakow for PLN 10,000.

Thursday's episode of the “Millionaires” program belonged to Mr. Patryk, who is a pharmacist by profession. After a short, introductory conversation with the host of the program, Hubert Urbański, viewers learned that Mr. Patryk's current goal is to repay the apartment loan. The participant was accompanied to the studio by his mother and aunt, who were cheering him on in the audience. During the game for one million zlotys, Mr. Patryk correctly answered subsequent questions, which concerned, among others: geography, mathematics and cinematography. He only used one lifeline – a question to the audience. The participant heard, among others: a question worth PLN 10,000, which was as follows:

It grows wild in Georgia, Texas and Florida, and in Poland only as a cultivated plant:

AND: purslane strong in the mouth
B: rudbeckia brilliant
C: Echinacea eloquent
D: well-read chamomile

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After some thought, the participant rejected the answer AND: purslane strong in the mouth. Mr. Patryk claimed that it was not a species name. While considering the PLN 10,000 question, he also rejected the answers C and D. He finally and definitively marked the answer B: rudbeckia brilliant.

In Poland only as a popular cultivated plant

Rudbeckia brilliant is a species of perennial plant originating from North America. It grows wild in the states of Georgia, Texas and Florida. It was brought to Europe only in the 18th century. In Poland, it grows only as a cultivated plant. Therefore correct answer answer this question in the “Millionaires” program is B.

New episodes of “Millionaires” can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 20:55 w TVN and Player (all previous seasons of the program are available on the website).

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