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TVN Millionaires. What is balut, a delicacy of Filipino cuisine, made of? Question and answer

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Balut, a delicacy of Filipino cuisine, is a boiled egg: with fly larvae, bird embryo, ox bile or sheep tallow? This question was answered in the “Millionaires” program by Mr. Paweł Szałecki from Warsaw.

The participant of today’s episode of “Millionaires” studied, among others, at the Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery and at the University of Warsaw, where he graduated in law. He currently runs a company that rents out arcade games.

Mr. Paweł went through the first three questions without any problems, quickly providing the correct answers. He used up his first lifeline on the fourth question and it was a question for the audience. So he started the game for PLN 20,000 with two things: half and half and a phone call to a friend. The question required knowledge of exotic cuisines.

Balut, a delicacy of Filipino cuisine, is a boiled egg:

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A: with fly larvae B: with bird embryo C: with ox bile D: with sheep tallow

Mr. Paweł immediately reached for the half-and-half lifebuoy. He had to choose the correct answer from among options A and B. He chose answer A. It was the wrong one choice. The correct answer is B.

What is balut?

Balut can also be found in other Southeast Asian cuisines, including: In Vietnam or Cambodia. It is an egg with a bird embryo already developed, which is boiled in water or steamed and then eaten directly from the shell. Duck eggs are usually used for this purpose.

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