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TVN Millionaires. What is Budorigum, which Jan Peszek sings about with the Boys’ Formation “Legitymacje”? Question and answer

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Jan Peszek dances and sings with the Boys’ Formation “Legitymacje” about Australia and Budorigum, which is: an Australian state, a Hungarian village, a city on the Oder or the outskirts of Radom? This question worth half a million zlotys was answered by Mrs. Marta Wasińska from Krakow.

In Monday’s episode of “Millionaires”, Mrs. Marta, who is an accountant but currently takes care of her two children, started her game. In order for Hubert Urbański to give her a check worth one million zlotys, the participant must answer 12 questions correctly. Each player has three lifelines at their disposal: a question to the audience, a call to a friend and half and half.

Mrs. Marta correctly answered ten questions from various areas, including: football, literature and architecture. The contestant heard a question worth half a million zlotys, which was as follows:

Jan Peszek dances and sings with the Boys’ Formation “Legitymacje” about Australia – our colony – and Budorigum, which is:

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AND: Australian state
B: Hungarian village
C: a city on the Oder
D: the fences of Radom

The participant admitted that she had no idea what the question was about. She had the last lifeline to use, a phone call to a friend. She decided to call her friend Kasia. After reading the question, the friend told the competitor that she would choose answer B, but she was not sure whether it was correct. Mrs. Marta decided to follow her advice and finally selected this option. Unfortunately, this was not the correct answer to this question.

“Budorigum, or American scientists about Polish Wrocław”

Jan Peszek with the Boys’ Formation “Legitymacje” performs in a concert titled “Budorigum, or American scientists about Polish Wrocław”. It is a musical performance that presents the history of the city on the Oder in a humorous way. The name Budorigum itself refers to a town from ancient times, which was located in today’s Wrocław. Therefore correct answer answer to this question in “Millionaires” is C.

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