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TVN Millionaires. Who attacked Poland in September 1939 apart from Germany and the USSR? [ODPOWIEDŹ]

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The army of which country – apart from Germany and the USSR – attacked Poland in September 1939: Romania, Slovakia, Hungary or Italy? Michał Kosacki from Plewisko answered this question for half a million zlotys in the “Millionaires” program.

A special edition of “Millionaires” is underway, with a record-breaking PLN 2 million to be won. After giving seven correct answers, the contestants qualify for the final episode, in which they will have a chance to fight for twice the main prize, which will take place on Friday, October 20 at 8 p.m.

This is not the only change in the formula. So far, in the “Millionaires” program, there were two thresholds with a guaranteed winning – for a question worth PLN 1,000 and PLN 40,000. In the special edition, before hearing the question, the player chooses which of them will become the second threshold of the guaranteed prize.

Mr. Michał continued the game he started in the previous episode. He could win half a million zlotys for providing the correct answer. He no longer had any lifeline at his disposal. The question required historical knowledge.

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The army of which country – apart from Germany and the USSR – attacked Poland in September 1939?

AND: Romania
B: Slovakia C: Hungarian
D: Italian

The contestant first rejected answer B, claiming that Czechoslovakia existed at that time. He then rejected answer C, explaining that Hungary is Poland’s eternal ally. Mr. Michał was inclined to answer D. However, he decided not to risk it and finished the game with PLN 250,000 and a ticket to Friday’s final.

Who attacked Poland in September 1939?

Romania is a country with which Poland had good relations during the outbreak of World War II. This is confirmed by the Polish-Romanian alliance signed in the interwar period, as well as the fact that representatives of the Polish authorities went to Romania after the aggression of the USSR. Hungary also did not participate in the offensive against Poland. Moreover, in July 1939, the Hungarian Prime Minister refused Germany assistance in the attack on Poland. Whereas Italy joined the war in June 1940.

It took part during the invasion of Poland together with Germany and the USSR Slovakia as a puppet state dependent on the Third Reich. The Slovaks occupied the Polish part of Spiš and Orava. So the correct answer is B.

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