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TVN24 and TVN. Viewership results on June 4, 2023

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TVN24 and TVN stations, belonging to the global media concern Warner Bros. Discovery, during the march on June 4, was the most watched in Poland and in the group of viewers over the age of four, they recorded a total of 23 percent of the market share, according to Nielsen TV Audience Measurement data.

He walked through the streets of Warsaw on Sunday – on the 34th anniversary of the first partially free elections – called by the leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk march “against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and democratic, European Poland”. Organizers say half a million people attended the march.

TVN24 and TVN – the most watched stations

TVN24 and TVN TV stations broadcast the march from 11.40-15.55. At that time, TVN24 was the most watched channel, reaching 15.50 percent. audience share in the general group (viewers over 4 years of age). The next place was taken by the TVN station with a result of 7.51 percent.

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In total, this gives more than 23 percent. market share, which means that almost every fourth TV viewer was on the march with Warner Bros. stations. discovery.

TVP Info and TVP3, which did not provide direct coverage, had 4.78 percent during the march. market share. And Polsat News – 3.00 percent. (including the current affairs program broadcast at that time, direct coverage of the march and a special edition of the information service about the march).

The average minute viewership (AMR) in the 4+ group was for TVN24 – 1,241,415, for TVN – 601,346, in total for these two stations – 1,842,761. As for TVP Info+TVP3 and Polsat News, it was respectively 382 815 and 240 164.

Viewership Results – June 4, 2023 (4+)TVN24

TVN24 was also a leader in the 20-54 age category. The market share was 10.05 percent, and together with TVN – 18.16 percent. In turn, the TVP Info+TVP3 and Polsat News channels had 2.01% and 2.01%, respectively. and 2.15 percent.

The average minute viewership (AMR) in the 20-54 age group was for TVN24 – 326,793, for TVN – 263,852, for TVP Info+TVP3 – 65,370, and for Polsat News – 69,922.

Viewership results – June 4, 2023 (20-54)TVN24

Importantly, the technical coverage for the station, according to data at the end of January 2023, was 68.7% for TVN24, 99.2% for TVP Info, and 68% for Polsat News.

The sixth result in the history of TVN24

June 4 was also one of the best days in terms of viewership in the history of TVN24. On that day, the station reached 9.23 percent. audience share in the general group (viewers over 4 years of age).

The TVN24 channel gathered a larger audience only five times: February 24, 2022 (10.90%), February 28, 2022 (10.33%), August 11, 2021 (9.82%), March 1, 2022 ( 9.61 percent) and October 30, 2020 (9.50 percent).

Main photo source: TVN24

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