TVN24 broadcast a reportage “In partnership with PiS. For the good of the party” related to Bogatynia. There was no electricity in the city


On Tuesday evening, the reportage “Together with PiS. For the good of the party” had its premiere. Two former heads of State Treasury companies and long-time PiS activists associated with Bogatynia tell journalists of “Czarno na white” and about the mechanism of repaying the party for promotions. Shortly before the program started, there was a power outage in Bogatynia.

On Tuesday, at 8:30 p.m., TVN24 premiered a report by Dariusz Kubik from “Black and White” and Grzegorz Łakomski from “In partnership with PiS. For the good of the party.”

If we weren’t in PIS, we would not get these positions – this is what two former heads of State Treasury companies and long-time PiS activists say directly to the camera. Under their names, with specifics, and for the first time publicly, they explain how this mechanism works, how the party gives promotions, for which they need to be repaid, i.e. employ whoever they need in companies and donate to the campaign. By law, campaign financing must be voluntary and non-cash.

The interlocutors are the former director of the Turów power plant, Piotr Frąszczak, and the former president of MegaSerwis, Kazimierz Szczech. They are both associated with the Bogatynia region in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship – this is where the power plant and MegaSerwis operate.


No electricity in Bogatynia

Meanwhile, local media reported that there was a power outage in Bogatynia around 8 p.m. Therefore, residents of this area could not watch the “Black and white” material when it was broadcast. The program started at 8:30 p.m. and lasted until 9:15 p.m.

The first information from the local media said that the failure lasted until 9 p.m. However, later information appeared that the expected repair time was 6 a.m. (Wednesday – editor).

Around 10 p.m., the press officer of the State Fire Service in Zgorzelec, junior brigadier Hubert Jarosz, told TVN24 that there was a power failure in Bogatynia. He also reported the lack of electricity on the X platform PO MP Michael Jaros. “In Black and white (…) today at 8:30 p.m. the program ‘Together with PiS. For the good of the party’ about positions for party people, political corruption and party financing. And you know what? The electricity has just been turned off in Bogatynia… Case?” – he wrote. He also published photos from the city streets.

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