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TVN24, “Fakty” TVN, tvn24.pl – end of the second quarter. Results in June 2022

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In June, TVN24 was the leader among news channels. In the group of viewers aged 16-49, she achieved an audience share of 3.2 percent, which gave her the first place in the ranking. In the general group, the share was 5.4 percent and also guaranteed the station a leading position. In June, tvn24.pl had nearly 10 million real users and maintained its first position among news portals belonging to television stations, the TVN Warner Bros. press office informed. Discovery. “Fakty” TVN remains the most watched news program in the country, maintaining its leading position in the second quarter.

TVN24 achieved record shares in April and May compared to the same periods in the previous years.

Quarter with great results

In May, TVN24 was the most watched TV station in each category. In the general group, the result was 5.5%, which was the best result in May in the history of the station. In May, the TVN24.pl portal had 9 million real users.

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In June, TVN24 maintained its leading position among news channels in both the commercial and general groups. Audience share was SHR: 3.2%. in the group of viewers aged 16-49 and SHR: 5.4 percent in the general group 4+. This is the best result in the history of the station in June. The tvn24.pl portal in the same month had nearly 10 million real users.

News stations resultsTVN24

Results of television station portalstvn24.pl

“Facts” TVN is still the leader

“Facts” on TVN maintained its leading position. The main news service, TVN, was watched by an average of 2.33 million viewers. On TVP1, “Wiadomości” attracted 1.85 million viewers, and “Teleexpress” – 1.64 million viewers. “Events” was watched by an average of 1.53 million viewers in Polsat, and “Panorama” on TVP2 – 932 thousand. viewers.

The simultaneous broadcast of “Fakty” on TVN and TVN24 BiS attracted an average of 2.7 million viewers, “Wiadomości” on TVP1 and TVP Info – 2.58 million viewers, “Events” in Polsat, Polsat News and Events24 – 1.91 million viewers, and “Panorama” on TVP2 and TVP Info – 1.48 million viewers.

“Facts” of TVN in June 2022 year, they were the leader among information services. The average daily market share of “Fakt” was 21.1 percent. in the general category 4+. This result includes both TVN, TVN24 BiS and watching the same day with a time shift (VOSDAL). “Wiadomości” TVP (TVP1 and TVP Info) came second with the result of 19.8 percent. The list is closed by Polsat’s “Events” (Polsat, Polsat News, Events24) with the result of 15.3 percent.

In the commercial group aged 16-49, TVN’s “Fakty” in the previous month averaged 21.7 percent. market share at 15.8 percent. Polsat’s “Events” share and 11.6 percent. “News” of TVP.

Results of major news sitesTVN24

Success of TVN and TVN24 reports

The results of TVN’s “Supervisor” deserve attention, which has its premiere broadcast every Saturday at 20:00 on TVN24 and on Tuesdays at 23:30 on TVN. Of all the episodes from April to the end of June, TVN24 watched the issue of April 16, 2022 with the report “The Ring around Kiev” the best. Ukraine or death “this program was watched by nearly 700,000 viewers from the 4+ group, which gave 5.4 percent audience share. TVN24GO platform, which saw a significant increase in subscriptions.

The viewers’ trust in TVN as a source of information, among others The situation beyond the eastern border of Poland was influenced by the involvement of the entire team. The presence of reporters on the spot was not without significance, among others Wojciech Bojanowski, Katarzyna Górniak, Konrad Borusiewicz, Paweł Szot, Jacek Tacik, Andrzej Zaucha, Artur Molęda, Radomir Czarnecki, Tomasz Kanik to invite Ukrainian journalists to the programs or talks with the most important Ukrainian politicians.

TVN, TVN24 and tvn24.pl at the fore of the most popular information sources in Poland according to Reuters Institute

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the increased interest in information in Poland was described in June by the Reuters Institute in its Digital News Report. As reported by Reuters Institute, TVN (including TVN24) topped the list in Poland when it comes to the reach of individual broadcasters in traditional media (television, radio, press) – 40 percent of respondents admitted that they watch our stations at least once a week, and 32 percent – at least three days a week.

The reach of traditional information media in PolandTVN Warner Bros. Discovery

According to the Reuters Institute, the tvn24.pl portal was ranked third among online media – for 27 percent of respondents it is a source of information at least once a week, and for 17 percent – at least three times a week.

The report is a cyclical publication by the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford. It describes the changes in the media market in 46 countries over the past year.

Awards for TVN news

Recently, journalists from the TVN information department have received numerous awards for their materials. Only the last month has brought our journalists awards such as the award of 75 years of Jan Karski’s mission for the journalist “Supervisor” TVN Michał Przedlacki. The reporter also received the prestigious Trophee Argent award at the Deauville Green Awards in France, in the documentary films – humanitarian actions and solidarity category for his series of two reportages “The First Front Line. Escape from Irpienia” and “The Defenders of Kharkiv”. Magdalena Raczkowska-Kazek also received an award at this festival for her reportage “Droga do życia” which tells about three families and three perspectives of mothers whose daughters with Down syndrome are adults. Katarzyna Lazzeri, a reporter from “Black on White”, received a special jury award at the River Film Festival in Padua for her material “Podlasie: the border of the worlds”.

World Media Festivals 2022 turned out to be a great success for TVN and TVN24, during which a total of 15 awards were presented to TVN Warner Bros. Discovery. The group’s journalists and producers received 8 gold and 7 silver statuettes, including the main award “The intermedia-globe Grand Award”, which was received by Michał Przedlacki.

Main photo source: TVN24

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