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TVN24 unofficially: there will be applications to waive the immunity of Michał Wosi and Marcin Romanowski

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The prosecutor's office is to submit the first applications to waive parliamentary immunity in connection with the ongoing investigation into the Justice Fund. They are to concern politicians of Sovereign Poland, former deputy ministers of justice Michał Woś and Marcin Romanowski – TVN24 learned.

Their names appear in unofficial conversations with people close to the National Prosecutor's Office. Both Woś and Romanowski during their governments PiS they were deputy ministers of justice in the ministry then managed by Zbigniew Ziobro. The Minister of Justice was asked about lifting the immunity of politicians in Wirtualna Polska Adam Bodnar.

– I know that the work is very intensive and extensive evidence has been collected. The prosecutor's office is working on it. We can expect further procedural actions soon. No one has absolutely forgotten about this case, he assured.

When asked whether these applications could be expected in May or June, he replied that he did not want to give strict deadlines for the prosecutors handling the case.

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When asked who exactly could expect the immunity to be lifted, he replied that “The Justice Fund was managed by politicians of Sovereign Poland, there were no other politicians from other parties.” – If there are any requests to waive immunity, they will obviously concern politicians of Sovereign Poland – he added.

Investigation into the spending of funds from the Justice Fund

At the end of January this year, Adam Bodnar, as the Prosecutor General, established an investigative team at the National Prosecutor's Office to examine the correctness of management and spending of funds from the Justice Fund.

On February 19, an investigation into this matter was initiated.

Adam BodnarTVN24

On March 26 and 27, the Internal Security Agency detained five people in this case, and the apartments and places of business of 25 people were searched, including: two houses of former Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro and a room in the parliamentary hotel of former Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś.

Before this operation, a team of five prosecutors collected 99 volumes of files in the case, including: documentation, audit results at the Ministry of Justice and witness statements.

Supreme Audit Office report on the Justice Fund

The main goal of the Justice Fund was to be assistance to crime victims. Supreme Chamber of Control in September 2021, after analyzing the fund, it assessed that the funds were spent in an uneconomical and inappropriate manner, which was supposed to favor the emergence of corruption mechanisms. The irregularities allegedly concerned expenses of over PLN 280 million. NIK alleged that in practice it lost the character of a special-purpose fund, duplicated the expenses of many state bodies, and over 60 percent of the funds went to tasks other than direct assistance to crime victims.

The then deputy minister of justice, Marcin Romanowski, denied the NIK's allegations. In his opinion, the report was “shocking evidence”, but not of irregularities in the Justice Fund, but of “the lack of basic reliability of the Supreme Audit Office”.

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