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TVN24 wins the PIKE 2021 “Honorary Titan Eye” award

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TVN24 received the “Honorary Titan Eye” award at the gala of the Conference and Exhibition of the Polish Chamber of Electronic Communications. – We, from the editorial office, believe that in life, in our beautiful profession, it is worth being decent – said, among others, the deputy editor-in-chief of TVN24, Brygida Grysiak, who received the award on behalf of the editorial office.

The 48th International Conference and Exhibition of the Polish Chamber of Electronic Communications (PIKE) “VABANK in media and telecommunications” is a two-day event lasting from Monday. The conference is accompanied by a gala during which for the sixteenth time the “Titan Eye” statuettes and the “Złota PIKE” Award of Cable Television Operators were presented.


This year, the competition jury awarded a special “Honorary Titan Eye” award to TVN24.

The award was collected by Brygida Grysiak, deputy editor-in-chief of TVN24 and editor for journalism standards and good practices. – Thank you for this distinction, but on this occasion, thank you for something more. For your support in recent months, which was very important to us, symbolic – she said.

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– It was not an easy time for us, but this is not about us. It is about how we understand journalism today and how we understand freedom, independence of the media, and finally how we understand responsibility for word and image, where journalism ends and propaganda begins – mentioned Grysiak.

– All of us, when we are here, go down in the history of the media in Poland and history will judge us. We, as an editor, believe that in life, in our beautiful profession, it is worth being decent. Journalists are not there to please politicians, but to ask them important and difficult questions on your behalf, on behalf of our viewers, for the common good, for the social interest, and finally: for people in need – she said.

She raised the issue of the migration crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border. – Where are the children from Michałów? There are some questions that cannot be overridden by context. We believe in such journalism – she stated.

– We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. But with eighteen hours of live antenna it is difficult not to make them. For twenty years, for our viewers, for the state, we learn from each other and mature in this mission. Humanly, in journalistic terms, it is extremely important to us, the most important – she concluded.

The special award “Honorary Titan Eye” is the award of the President of the PIKE Management Board at the request of the Jury.

In the “Sports message of the year” category, an award for the implementation of the Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 received Eurosport.

The PIKE International Conference and Exhibition is the largest meeting of the media and telecommunications sector, constituting a neutral platform for expert dialogue, knowledge and information exchange, included in the calendar of the largest conferences in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

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The program of this year’s conference and exhibition included discussions about the future of the broadband industry in the media and telecommunications market, as well as the assessment of the emerging directions of change from the point of view of business, regulators and experts, especially after the pandemic. TVN24 is the strategic partner of the event.

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