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TVP Info flew away on the occasion of the march on June 4. “Russian money, influence, was also used there”

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In their messages, the government media did not present the crowds that appeared in Warsaw on the occasion of the June 4 march. TVP Info viewers could find out that the march was attended mainly by elderly and vulgar citizens who could be paid by Vladimir Putin.

“Hatred, aggression, and also contempt” – this is how the Sunday march was described by government television, even before it started. – My nerves are frayed. They’re building a stage outside my house. I live near Plac Na Rozdrożu. Today, since the fourth hour, they have been trying, testing microphones – said Jarosław Jakimowicz, TVP presenter.

Although it soon turned out that the march on June 4 would be one of the main topics of the day on TVP Info, the viewers of the government television had to trust the information about the turnout to the leaders. There was not a single shot showing the crowds that gathered in the capital at noon on TVP Info. Not even for a moment was the march broadcasted live. Station staff had other priorities. On the air, you could see, among others, the Radom briefing of the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskva or the parade of farmers’ wives’ associations in Opoczno, attended by the Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus.

– The manifestation is led by Donald Tusk. It is attended by journalists, judges of a supposedly independent organization, but also celebrities. There are also many hateful slogans, he said.

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Foreign media and news agencies described the Sunday march that took place through the streets of WarsawTVN24

Selective information

TVP Info viewers were also provided with information about attendance. – “Gazeta Wyborcza” said that 300,000 people should be expected at the march, although Onet estimates that about 100,000 appeared at the march – said the host, who, however, forgot to add that he referred to the data that had been collected, before the march even started. Onet quoted by him counted at least 300,000 participants around 15:00. However, TVP did not mention this.

– Certainly there will be those who will want to add all the passers-by who appear today on Świętokrzyska, Bracka, Aleje Jerozolimskie and all other streets that are in the vicinity of the route of this march, for those who participate in this march – assessed one of the guests of TVP Info.

At one point, the host of the program announced that the march was not shown live “for the sake of the viewers”. – It is not appropriate to quote on a Sunday, early afternoon. However, there is no problem with TVN, which broadcasts all this. And on the banners marching through the streets of Warsaw, there are also vulgar slogans, often dripping with hatred, he said.

Material of the organizer of the march on June 4 in Warsaw

Material of the organizer of the march on June 4 in Warsawcivil Platform

Bending reality

One fragment of pre-recorded vulgar statements of several participants of the march began to appear on the air. It was presented as proof that the march is full of hatred and aggression.

Journalist: Any message for PiS?

Participant 2: All these stars. We wish him and the entire government these stars.

Participant 3: Let him retire and leave people alone.

– A certain group of people who lost under PiS rule. These are the people who lost their social security pensions. These are tens of thousands of people. They will come to every anti-government march. However, for this reason, older people predominate there as well. Young people did not come en masse at all – said Tomasz Sakiewicz, a journalist.

Young people – according to the narration of the government television – were not at the march. Until the station did not reach the recording in which a group of young people send PiS “to hell”. However, these are not the only examples of aggressive behavior. As it turns out, children and young people are also involved in this, he assessed.

– They are also frustrated that this path proposed by Jarosław Kaczyński turned out to be so good for Poland. It has brought so many benefits. To the society above all – said Jacek Karnowski, a journalist.

March 8, 2023 |  Praising the government and blaming the opposition.  This is what state media propaganda looks like

March 8, 2023 | Praising the government and blaming the opposition. This is what state media propaganda looks like TVN facts

Putin’s imaginary influence

One of the guests invited to the studio suggested that the march was paid for in rubles from Vladimir Putin. – It may also be that these connections and Russian money, influence, were also used there – said the TVP Info guest.

In the evening “Wiadomości” employees of the government television connected the participants of the march with the anniversary of the dismissal of Jan Olszewski’s government. Hundreds of thousands of participants in a peaceful march, which even the police themselves considered extremely peaceful, were portrayed by government television employees as vulgar and hateful. In the shots of thousands of white and red flags, fragments of the anthem or smiling participants – there was no space in both materials of “Wiadomości”.

Main photo source: Photos of the organizer

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