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Twardogóra. He escaped the owners, entered the vacant lot and could not get out. Policemen and firefighters helped the dog

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He barked loudly and whimpered, finally one of the residents informed the authorities. It turned out that a small dog had entered a vacant lot in Twardogóra (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) and could not get out. The frightened and exhausted dog was rescued by firefighters and policemen. The animal, as reported by the services, escaped from one of the properties and has been searched for several days.

The incident happened on Wednesday (January 11). A resident of Twardogóra, walking around Twardogóra, heard loud barking and whining of a dog coming from one of the empty buildings. He immediately called the authorities. Entrance to the site was prohibited due to the risk of collapse. Police officers were dispatched to the spot.

The dog was sitting in a vacant lot. He was saved by police and firefightersLower Silesian Police

He barked loudly and whimpered, unable to get out. First the police came, then the firemen

When they arrived, they confirmed that a loud whining and barking of a dog could be heard from inside the building. All the doors of the building were closed and the window openings were placed high, so the quadruped could not get out on his own. Firefighters came to the rescue, using specialized equipment, to open the door allowing access to the room where the police had previously located the animal. – However, the presence of officers and the noise of opening the door caused the frightened dog to run to the top floor of the building. Policemen or firefighters could not enter there, because the condition of the ceilings threatened their safety – says senior asp. Bernadeta Pytel from the police in Oleśnica.

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Eventually, the uniforms deployed a long ladder that allowed them to get inside through the window. – Once on the top floor of the vacant lot, they found the dog and lured it to them, and then calmly transported it to a safe place – the policewoman reports.

He escaped from home. Returned to the owners

The dog was scared and exhausted. When he was safely and quietly lying wrapped in a blanket on the grass in the company of firefighters, the police began to find out who its owner is – says Pytel. After talking to the local residents, we managed to reach the family who was looking for their pet. It turned out that he had escaped from the yard earlier. The animal eventually returned to its home.

The dog could not leave the vacant lot in Twardogóra

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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