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Twitter introduces changes from April 15. Paying users will be privileged

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Elon Musk announced further changes on Twitter related to the recently introduced payment for account verification. From April 15, only people who have paid for the blue tag will be able to vote in polls and only their entries will be recommended to other users in the “For You” tab.

In November last year, Twitter introduced a payment for a blue marker confirming account verification. As a result of errors on the part of Twitter, chaos arose, because no one checked whether the person purchasing the service is actually who he claims to be.

Many people began to impersonate, mostly in a joking way, celebrities, famous brands or Elon Musk himself. As a result, after a week, the service was suspended and reintroduced only after a month. Now the company is taking steps to encourage users to pay $8 a month for a verified account.

Twitter will give more paying users

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From April 15, only posts from verified users will be recommended to other users in the “For You” tab. In addition, only people who pay for the account will be able to participate in Twitter polls. This means that after the changes, people without a blue badge will be less visible in the community.

Musk said these changes are “the only realistic way to address the problem of hijacking traffic by advanced swarms of AI bots.” “Otherwise, it’s a hopeless battle,” he added.

Risks of Paid Verification

A former employee of Twitter’s review team, who asked to remain anonymous, told the BBC: “My team’s number one goal was to protect users from real-world harm, and that’s the complete opposite for me.”

He added that such a change could lead to verified users being able to use their position to influence others in a negative way – by spreading misinformation or doing harm to other users. “It’s a silent threat that no one sees,” he added.

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