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Twitter. Marek Suski fell victim to hackers. The police are investigating the case

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Police officers assume that the series of hacking into social media accounts of the politicians of the United Right may be related to each other, according to tvn24.pl. The most recent example is the hacking into the Twitter account of Marek Suski, MP, who works in the special services committee. The first was to take over the profile of a PiS MP from Włocławek, Joanna Borowiak.

On Monday, the naked photos of the woman, which appeared on the profile of the Law and Justice MP Marek Suski, caused a stir. The entry at these photos showed that they show the city councilor from Mogilno in the province Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Suski’s MP informed that the account had been hacked.


The councilor herself in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza” admitted that these were her private photos, which she never shared with anyone. In an interview with Onet, however, she denied having ever had these photos. She also emphasized that she had never taken such pictures of herself.

Entry that appeared on Marek Suski’s account on Monday

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– My Twitter account has been hijacked. I reported the matter to the police Tuesday night. I also had a problem with accessing one of the e-mail accounts that I use – says MP Suski in an interview with tvn24.pl.

He made a notification of the crime at the headquarters in Grójec in the province. Mazowieckie. An investigation is underway there. However, the operational arrangements were made by the anti-cybercrime division of the General Police Headquarters.

– At the moment we assume that this is a continuation of the break-ins into the accounts of the politicians of the United Right, whose common denominator is the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship – we heard from a police officer from KGP.


ABW checks

Breaking into the accounts of MP Suski has an additional, more serious dimension. He is a member of the parliamentary commission for secret services – he has access to state secrets protected by the highest clauses.

For this reason – we have confirmed it in independent sources – the officers of the Internal Security Agency also took up the matter. Their task is to check whether any sensitive information has been taken over during the break-in.

– Nothing to show it. The deputy did not keep such information in his accounts. It would also be against the law, we heard.

Common region

But why do police officers assume that this break-in may be part of a longer series? This is indicated by the fact that Marek Suski’s account has photos that were supposed to show a councilor from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

According to our interlocutors in the police, someone first breached security on her account. This is also evidenced by the fact that shortly after the fake entry, Marek Suski’s account received an – also fake – “response” with a request to remove entries and an apology, and the threat of publishing intimate photos.

The councilor denied that she published such an entry, and notified the police about the break-in on her account.

At the same time, also another councilor of the United Right, this time from Inowrocław in the province. kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship, informed about the hacking of his partner’s account. Their private photos were published on the account of the councilor from Mogilno.

On the trail of election campaigns

– We assume that the first victim of this series was the PiS MP Joanna Borowiak from the same region, namely Włocławek. Her Twitter account was hacked last October. Perhaps someone responsible for handling politicians’ accounts during last year’s election campaigns was not cautious and in some way made the slogans public, says the policeman tvn24.pl.

The point is that during election campaigns, politicians sometimes pass passwords to their social media accounts so that staff members can post party content on them.

On the account of MP Borowiak then appeared, among others the entry which read: “You can protest as much as you want. As Jarosław Kaczyński said, the opinion of drug addicts-prostitutes and child killers will not have an impact on the decisions made.”

The comment quickly gained publicity as it referred to the mass demonstrations that swept across the country after the Constitutional Court ruled outlawing termination of pregnancy due to severe fetal impairment.

Information that the account of a PiS deputy had been hacked was even provided by the opposition deputy Michał Szczerba.

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