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Two crafted bears in a shipment from the United States. “They were declared as hunting trophies”

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Two stuffed black bears were found by customs officers from Gdynia in a shipment from the United States. This species is covered by the provisions of the Washington Convention and the illegal transportation or trade of its specimens is illegal. The owner of the trophies faces up to 5 years in prison.

According to the Pomeranian Customs and Tax Office in Gdynia, officers of the Customs and Tax Service from the Customs Department “Container Base” in Gdynia checked a shipment sent from the United States last week on the basis of an analysis.

– Among the goods declared for customs clearance, there were items declared as hunting trophies. During the search, uniformed officers discovered that these were two prepared black bears, a spokesman for the Tax Administration Chamber said on Monday (CASH) in Gdańsk, senior aspirant Sebastian Pakalski.

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KAS detected two baribal trophiesPomeranian Customs and Tax Office in Gdynia

Serious consequences

He explained that this species of bear, also known as the American bear or baribal, falls under the provisions of the Washington CITES Convention. He added that the owner of the goods did not have permission to export CITES specimens from USAso they were retained as evidence in a criminal case.

Illegal transport and trade in specimens of endangered species is a crime punishable by a high fine, imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years and the loss of the specimen.

– For many years, KAS has been conducting various educational and information campaigns about the principles and goals of CITES, including informing travelers about the need to have appropriate documents for the transport of animals and plants in danger of extinction across borders, as well as items made of them, noted the KAS spokesman.

Main photo source: Pomeranian Customs and Tax Office in Gdynia

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