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Two huge problems for Russia. “It must be worse than we think”

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Russia is asking Kazakhstan to be ready to support it with huge amounts of gasoline. According to Reuters, this is the result of successful Ukrainian attacks on Russian refineries. At the same time, Russia was hit by a great flood. Eastern experts comment that both of these cases clearly demonstrate the inefficiency of the Russian state.

The evacuation is necessary because the third longest river in Europe, the Ural River, has burst its banks. In Russia and Kazakhstan, near the cities of Orsk and Orenburg, as many as 100,000 people had to leave their homes.

– They all ran away. It's just the three of us left here. We look after our belongings. We don't have access to drinking water, electricity or gas, but somehow we survive, says Olga Kuzenko, a resident of Orska. – We can't get drinking water anywhere. The one in bottles is also running out, says Daria Sinitsyna, another resident of Orsko.

Spring floods are a normal phenomenon in Russia and central Asia, but this year the water level is higher than usual. The warming came so rapidly that the earth was unable to absorb the melting snow. Kazakh authorities say this is the worst flood in 80 years. The authorities in Moscow add that the Kazakhs themselves are responsible for it because they did not empty the retention reservoirs on time.

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Russia underwaterReuters

– Even though Putin is not there, he is constantly involved in this matter. He does this all day long. However, there are currently no plans to visit this region, says Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Russia's ability to produce fuel was expected to decline by 14%.

For now, Putin will not go to the flooded areas because he has more important problems and he certainly does not want a conflict with such a valuable neighbor. According to Reuters, the Kremlin asked Kazakhstan to secure 100,000 tons of gasoline. After numerous Ukrainian drone attacks on refineries, Russia's ability to produce fuel was said to have decreased by 14 percent. Officially, the Kremlin does not admit to any problems. The apparently very good condition of the Russian economy was one of the leitmotifs in Vladimir Putin's recent election campaign.

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– Last year, our economy grew faster than the global economy. In this respect, we have overtaken not only the leading European Union countries, but also the so-called G7 countries. The pace of growth allows us to believe that we will soon become the fourth largest economy in the world, said Vladimir Putin.

Every tenth Russian lives below the poverty line and cannot afford food

Indeed, last year – according to Russia's main statistical office – the economy grew by 3.6 percent. Taking into account international sanctions, this is really a lot. However, if we take a closer look at economic indicators, we can see that this increase is primarily due to domestic investments in the war industry and construction at the expense of other sectors, as as much as 1/3 of the Russian budget is to be allocated to war-related expenses. At the same time, as Allianz Research experts note, Russian exports decreased by 27 percent last year.

Since the outbreak of the war, more than 1,000 foreign companies have either withdrawn from Russia altogether or limited their operations. – If they are asking Kazakhstan for gasoline, it must be worse than we think – comments Wacław Radziwinowicz, a long-time correspondent of Polish media in Russia. Even during the campaign, Putin made it clear that an increase in income tax for the richest would probably be necessary. Every tenth Russian lives below the poverty line and cannot afford food.

Author:Joanna Stempień

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