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“Two interpretations” of Duda's visit. One is “really bad news” for Biden

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This is actually very bad news for Joe Biden – this is how Jerzy Marek Nowakowski, former ambassador to Latvia and Armenia, commented on Andrzej Duda's visit to Beijing in “Fakty po Faktach”. He argued that the US president wants to have support from NATO allies when it comes to relations with China. Political scientist, professor Katarzyna Pisarska, pointed out that in Poland there is no discussion about whether China is “our friend” or “a future serious competitor.”

Political scientist, professor Katarzyna Pisarska from the Warsaw School of Economics, chairwoman of the Kazimierz Pułaski Foundation Council, and Jerzy Marek Nowakowski, former ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Latvia and Armenia and the president of the Euro-Atlantic Association spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about President Andrzej Duda's visit to Beijing. After meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Duda said that they discussed, among other things, the war in Ukraine, but he did not provide details.

As Nowakowski assessed, “there are two possible interpretations” of this visit. – Or Andrzej Duda went to Beijing because he knew that he would arrange it with Xi Jinping behind the scenes and that Xi would say: yes, I accept the plan Ukraine. “It's unlikely, but it would be a fantastic success,” he said.

However, he admitted that he was “afraid there is a second version.” – This means that it is an ill-considered action, because it takes place a week or even two weeks before the peak FOR THIS the president of an important country is going to China and de facto works against the main policy of our main ally. This is actually very bad news for… Joe Biden. At this Washington summit, Biden wants to receive NATO's support, also in relations with China. And perhaps even, to be honest, primarily in relations with China, said the diplomat.

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– One of the topics that will appear there will be the expansion of NATO's area of ​​responsibility – he noted. Meanwhile, “Poland comes and says that everything is great with China” and that “we are open to cooperation.” – We behaved like a player who played the ball to kill Xi Jinping – commented the TVN24 guest.

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Duda's visit to China. “We acted like a player who played the ball to kill Xi Jinping”TVN24

Macron and Scholz “went with a very specific plan”

Pisarska assessed that both Emmanuel MacronWhat Olaf Scholz “they went to China with a very specific plan in the area of ​​economic cooperation.”

– For France and Germany, China is a huge partner – she emphasized. The expert also said that we buy more from China than we sell there. – This is a market that is very closed to us, and also to Europeans. But we are unable to enter these technological areas where we really should as a country with great ambition to invest, she said.

On the other hand, the political scientist continued, “China has invested $2.5 billion in Poland over 20 years.” – That's all they invested in Hungary last year – she pointed out.

Katarzyna Pirska about the president's visit to China

Katarzyna Pirska about the president's visit to ChinaTVN24

– The question is, of course, broader. Do we want large investments from China? Do we want technological dependence on China? And here there is a larger discussion that simply does not take place in Poland: is China our friend, partner, or perhaps a future serious competitor? – she asked.

She said that she assessed it herself from the point of view of what was happening in Ukraine.

– When people in the Pentagon say very clearly that the Russians have become stronger and are conducting this war more effectively than they were conducting just a year ago, only thanks to China, Chinese components coming to the Russian market, that China has invested a lot, of course, these half-measures, so that the Russians do not lose in last year of this war, the answer is becoming quite clear to me, she said.

Macron “played poker” or “made a huge mistake”?

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” also talked about the situation in France. In reaction to the decisive victory led by Marine Le Pen nationalist group National Rally, French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved parliament and ordered an accelerated elections June 30 and July 7. They were originally supposed to be in 2027.

Announcing the dissolution of the National Assembly (lower house of parliament – ed.), Macron presented it as an “act of courage”. He added that in “the ability of the French to make the best choice for themselves and future generations.” Marine Le Pen welcomed this move “with joy” and stated that her party was ready to take power in France.

In Nowakowski's opinion, “Emmanuel Macron played poker, but he probably played the only game he can play, which is he took a risk.” – He didn't really have a choice. The political mandate was weak, he did not have a majority, he commented.

Macron "he played poker"

Macron “played poker” TVN24

He said that even if far-right politicians win, “their hands will be tied for three years, because the position of the president in France is incomparably stronger than that of the Polish one.” – Therefore, Macron will be able to paralyze the activities of the National Rally government and mean that in the next elections, Marine Le Pen will no longer be as attractive a candidate for president as she would be if she were not in power – argued the former ambassador.

Pirska assessed that “Macron made a huge mistake.” – He thought that he would mobilize the French, that he would show himself as a force that would be able to compete with Marine Le Pen, that he would be the savior of France, and today polls show that Macron's power is the third party in France overall – she said.

The expert said that “his party is furious with him, he now has a very weakened position not only in France, but in his own party.”

Macron "he made a huge mistake"

Macron “made a huge mistake”TVN24

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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