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Two people were running down the highway emergency lane. “It was a jog, a sport”

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Runners on the A4 motorway emergency laneJakub / Contact24

Saturday afternoon, a line of cars driving two lanes of the Krakow section of the A4 motorway and two people running along the emergency lane. We received a recording of this situation at Kontakt 24.

Mr. Jakub, a witness to the incident, who decided to share a car camera recording with the editorial office of Kontakt 24, was moving along the highway near Krakow on Saturday afternoon.

– To our surprise, two runners appeared on the emergency lane. I have never encountered such a situation before. There was no indication that they were people who, for example, sought help for a damaged vehicle – reported Mr. Jakub. As he explained, on the route he did not miss any car standing on the emergency lane.

Reporter 24 noted the outfit of the runners and the way they moved. Their behavior indicated that they are people who play sports. – These people wore a characteristic running outfit and special warming bands on their heads. Besides, their course did not indicate that they were fleeing people or those who had been affected by a random situation. It was a jog, a sport – assessed Mr. Jakub.

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Police are called

The driver considered the whole incident to be dangerous, and the choice of runners to choose such a route was a life-threatening situation. “There was a danger that if a vehicle had to pull over after a crash, the driver might not notice them,” he said.

The police were informed about the unusual event. – The report was received after 2 p.m. The police were informed about two people using the emergency lane on the A4 motorway near the village of Kokotów. The policemen went to the scene, but did not notice the people running, said Deputy Inspector Katarzyna Cisło from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow.

Main photo source: Jakub / Contact24

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