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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Two Russian bombers intercepted in the North Sea by Belgian F-16s. They entered the NATO area

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Two Russian strategic bombers were intercepted by Belgian F-16 fighter jets on Friday after entering NATO airspace over the North Sea. The support of the Belgian forces was provided by fighters from Great Britain.

The Tupolevs were in an area patrolled by the Belgian and Dutch air forces on behalf of NATO. Russian TU-160 bombers had previously been escorted by Norwegian fighters. Once in the vicinity of the North Sea, they were taken over by two Belgian F-16 fighters, which are currently responsible for airspace surveillance in that area.


British Air Force Support

According to the information provided by RTL 4, the Belgian planes were supported by British fighters, which then took control of the Russian Tupolevs.

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For several years, Russian bombers have been increasingly violating the airspace over the North Sea.

As the Dutch Ministry of Defense reminds, Belgium and the Netherlands have been alternately monitoring the airspace of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg from 1 January 2017.

The situation with Russian planes was also reported by the Belgian Air Force on Twitter.

Main photo source: Belgian Air Foce

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