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Tychy. Gas explosion in a block of flats, 15 people injured, two children in hospital

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The explosion occurred on Monday after 9 a.m. on the ground floor of a block of flats at Darwin Street in Tychy. Several people are injured. Those in the hospital include a young man with severe burns and two children, siblings aged 8 and 4. There are no fatalities. Almost a hundred people will not return to their apartments today. On Tuesday, construction supervision will assess the condition of the building.

– We have a total of 13 injured people, including two children. The most seriously injured is a 27-year-old man from the apartment where the explosion occurred – Paulina Kęsek, spokeswoman for the police in Tychy, told us at 1:30 p.m.

Six people are hospitalized, including children. There are no fatalities.

The block was searched by rescuers with dogs from the Specialist Search and Rescue Group from Jastrzębie-Zdrój. The action ended around 1:35 p.m. – No people were found – Szymon Gniewkowski, spokesman for the State Fire Service in Tychy, told us.

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Investigators are investigating the causes of the crash. – There is natural gas in the building. We can initially assume that gas was the cause of the incident – Grzegorz Kurek from the press team of the Tychy State Fire Service told us.

The explosion did not cause a fire. The damage is significant and some people will not be able to return to their apartments until further notice.

Gas explosion in a block of flats in Tychy TVN24

Two children were injured in the gas explosion. They're siblings

Łukasz Pach, director of the Provincial Emergency Service in Katowice, said that the most seriously injured person was transported by an air ambulance helicopter to the Upper Silesian Medical Center in Ochojec. Two children were transported by ambulance to the Upper Silesian Children's Health Center in Katowice. The remaining people were sent to the Megrez Provincial Specialist Hospital in Tychy.

– Two children came to us; an eight-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl. They're siblings. They are in good general condition and will remain in the hospital for a short time, said Wojciech Gumułka, spokesman for GCZD.

– We have a 27-year-old man here. Severely burned, up to 80 percent of the body surface – says Jolanta Wołkowicz, spokeswoman for the hospital in Ochojec. She added that the man will be transferred to the Burn Treatment Center in Siemianowice Śląskie, but first he must undergo surgical treatment. According to Wołkowicz, a woman was also brought to them and is conscious and being diagnosed. – She has problems with her leg, she will probably be treated at the orthopedics department – said the spokeswoman.

Evacuation of the block

Maciej Gramatyka, acting president of Tychy, was on site. As he said, the residents of staircase number 4, where the explosion occurred, were evacuated. According to information from the police and fire brigade, there are about 20 people.

The seven-story block has five staircases. The damage only affects staircase number 4, where almost a hundred people are registered. In the afternoon, one by one, assisted by firefighters, they were able to enter their apartments and take the necessary things. – They will definitely not spend the night in their homes – Ewa Grudniok, spokeswoman for the Tychy city hall, told us before 5 p.m.

This is not only about the actions of the police and the prosecutor, which are still ongoing in the block and may last until tomorrow. – There is no electricity, gas, water, heating, there are no living conditions there – says Grudniok. There are no window panes in apartments up to and including the 3rd floor. They flew out due to the explosion.

The block is managed by the city. Some apartments have been bought and are in private hands. For all those who lost their homes, the city authorities have prepared accommodation in a crisis intervention center, and there is also food waiting for them. So far, two families have declared their willingness to use such assistance. The rest found a place with their families.

The further fate of the residents will be decided by the opinion of the district building supervision inspector. Grudniok said that the inspector is to return to work on Tuesday around 10 a.m. to assess the building in staircase No. 4, where a total of about 90 people are registered. Earlier, the Tychy crisis team is to meet at the city hall, with the participation of services and, among others, building manager – the Municipal Board of Municipal Buildings.

Explosion in a multi-family building

The explosion was heard in neighboring towns

The report of an explosion on the ground floor of the block reached the services at 9.24. There was no fire, but the explosion caused serious damage. – The front wall was pushed out, the building was heavily damaged, windows were broken on the upper floors – Kocurek said at a briefing at 11:30.

Structural elements and equipment of the block were scattered over several dozen meters

Tychy police inform that “as a result of the explosion, five floors of the building were partially destroyed.” – The power of the explosion was so great that structural elements and apartment equipment were scattered over a distance of several dozen meters – we read in Monday's announcement.

Internet users' comments on the 112Tychy Facebook profile show that a “powerful, dull bang” was heard throughout the city and surrounding towns.


Explosion in a block of flats in TychyTomasz Pestka

Main photo source: 112Tychy

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