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Typhoon Mindulle in the Pacific. It can become a super typhoon. The storm is threatening Japan

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Mindulle is the third Super Typhoon to appear in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in 2021. On Sunday, it weakened, which gave it the status of a typhoon. Some forecasts, however, say that it will strengthen – it may soon become the equivalent of an Atlantic hurricane of the fifth category.

Mindulle became a super typhoon when it started going up to 241 kilometers per hour. This speed corresponds to a hurricane of the fourth category on the Saffir-Simpson scale for phenomena in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. On Monday, the element weakened slightly and it became a typhoon again.

However, weather forecasters from the American service AccuWeather believe that favorable conditions such as high water temperature and vertical wind shear will cause the typhoon to intensify again and reach speeds of up to 252 km / h. If the forecasts are correct, Mindulle will again become a super typhoon and the equivalent of an Atlantic hurricane of the highest – fifth – category.

“Mindulle is gliding in the Philippine Sea and will be gaining strength again earlier this week,” said AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist Jason Nicholls.

So far, the predicted typhoon route does not indicate that Mindulle will go ashore. Nevertheless, very high waves will form in the Philippine Sea, which can be dangerous to shipping. The most dangerous conditions are to prevail in the area from the northeastern Philippines to eastern Taiwan, as well as around Japan.

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Projected route of Typhoon MindulleJTWC

The closer it gets, the worse it gets

Americans forecast that as the storm traverses the Philippine Sea, the storm will begin to weaken again and begin heading north-east.

“The turning to the north-east could cause a storm to bring heavy rain and gusty winds to southern Japan in the second half of the week,” said Nicholls.

The closer Mindulle gets to the endangered regions, the more violent the weather will be there. Widespread flooding and mudslides can occur if the forecast changes and its center is close to or above the land. Weather forecasters warn that huge losses are expected in this case.

At the moment, the most intense rainfall is forecast in the southern islands of Shikoku and Honshu during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, and also on Friday. Precipitation can cause single floods, especially in mountainous areas.

Inhabitants of southern Japan have been warned of the threat. They were also asked to constantly monitor weather reports. If the storm approaches land, it will be necessary to step up action in the coming days.

Main photo source: worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov

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