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Uber. What passengers most often leave in cars

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Uber has published the seventh edition of its “Lost & Found” index. It shows what passengers most often lose when using this particular application. At least in the US. Interestingly, in the first place are not the phone or keys, i.e. the things that first come to mind when talking about the loss in the car.

Uber’s “Lost & Found” index allows you to get acquainted with what passengers using the popular application most often leave in the car. It also lists the most unique items that can surprise you.

This index also contains information on which cities most often such incidents occur, at what times of the day and on which days of the week passengers most often forget their belongings.

Top 10 Most Forgotten Items:

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1. Clothing 2. Phones 3. Backpacks and handbags 4. Wallets 5. Headphones 6. Jewelry 7. Keys 8. Books 9. Laptops 10. Watches

The 10 most “forgetful” cities in USA:

Jacksonville, Florida San Antonio, Texas Palm Springs, California Houston, Texas Salt Lake City, Utah Miami, Florida Atlanta, Georgia Indianapolis, Indiana Kansas City, Missouri Louis, Missouri

The world’s weirdest Uber car crashes

However, the data published by the company does not apply only to the USA. The company has also published the most interesting, funniest deaths for several countries in which it operates.

Forgetful Canadians have reported losing everything from a sheet to an Apple pen to… a bathroom shelf. Passengers from Taiwan they left a gift box that looks like an egg yolk, a black belt, a blood pressure monitor, a bright yellow dolphin mascot, and dog food.

Londoners reported losing “some pesto”, a plastic Halloween sword, an ankle splint and a jet washer. In turn, we France a breast pump, keys to a Peugeot or a cap from New York were distinguished.

IN Brazil 3 packages of chicken, Nike shoes and a computer mouse were reported missing. In turn, in Saudi Arabia, a sack of rice and a large diamond earring were awarded. Passengers from Costa Rica forgot a scooter, a very important black sweater and … an orange bag with a kangaroo-unicorn.

That’s when we forget the most

In the United States, Saturday and Sunday are some of the most forgetful days of the week. At the same time, most applications appear in April – this month also includes two days with record entries 5 and 9. The first day of the new year is in third place. Conversely, the most common time of day to report lost items is 11pm, as some are either just ending the day or just starting the night.

Interestingly, Uber also pointed to trends in forgetting individual items on specific days of the week. It turns out that chargers are most often forgotten on Mondays, and keys are forgotten on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, it’s wallets, and on Thursdays, cash. Fridays are the days when most passengers lose their watches and jewelry, and on Saturdays they lose their passports. On the last day of the week, Uber cars receive the most complaints about grocery shopping.

Uber in Poland – important changes in the law

It is worth recalling here the draft amendment to the Road Traffic Act. It provides, among others, solutions to increase the safety of passengers using passenger transport applications.

Minister of Digitization Janusz Cieszyński he pointed out that the draft amendment also provides for tougher penalties. – These penalties go up 25 times, it will be up to a million zlotys. This is particularly important because the companies that could potentially pay these penalties are large, international corporations and these penalties should be adequate to their financial capabilities. Fine of 40,000 PLN is not a sufficient penalty, he said.

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