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Uciechów. Son-in-law and in-laws died in a collision with a garbage truck. The truck driver is fighting for his life

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In an accident near Dzierżoniów (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), three people died and two were injured. According to the prosecutor’s office, the victims traveling by car are the son-in-law and his in-laws. The investigators’ findings show that – before the collision – for a few kilometers, the man swerved to the left lane, then returned to his own, and finally collided with a garbage truck driving in the opposite direction. The condition of the second driver is described by doctors as very serious.

The incident took place on Friday, January 13, around 1.30 pm on the provincial road No. 384, near the town of Uciechów. – According to the preliminary findings of the police, the 41-year-old driver of the Nissan veered into the opposite lane and hit a truck – transferred immediately after the accident to the superintendent. Marcin Ząbek, press officer of the KPP in Dzierżoniów.

Prosecutor’s office: a man and his in-laws were traveling in a passenger car

The force of the collision was powerful. Both vehicles were badly damaged and ended up in ditches on both sides of the road. The five participants of the incident were trapped in the vehicles, firefighters had to access them using heavy hydraulic equipment. The two men riding the garbage truck were conscious. People traveling in a passenger car showed no vital signs.

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– The son-in-law and his in-laws were traveling in the Nissan. They were driving from Wrocław. According to one of the witnesses of the incident, the car had already wobbled on the road. It went down to the center of the road several times, then returned to its lane, until finally it went in a gentle curve to the left lane and hit the garbage truck – says Emil Wojtyra, Deputy District Prosecutor in Dzierżoniów.

A pickup truck collided with a garbage truckSudecka Television

Three people are dead, two are injured

A helicopter of the Polish Medical Air Rescue landed on the spot, and there were also several ambulances. The 41-year-old and his in-laws died on the spot. Two men riding a garbage truck were transported to a hospital in Wrocław.

– The truck driver had already left in the helicopter, but the doctors successfully resuscitated him. He is currently in the hospital, his condition is very serious. The passenger of the garbage truck is also in the hospital, but his life is not in danger, the prosecutor reports.


One of the versions considered by investigators is that the driver of the Nissan may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Police officers, under the supervision of the prosecutor, are explaining the circumstances of this incident.

Three people are dead and two were injured in an accident near DzierżoniówKPP Dzierzoniow

Main photo source: Sudecka Television

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