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UK elections. Nigel Farage poured with drink

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Until an incident involving Nigela Farage’a occurred on Tuesday in Clacton-on-Sea, where the politician launched his election campaign.

Leader of the Reform UK party was leaving a pub where he was giving a media interview when a woman – who introduced herself as Victoria – spilled a milkshake from a popular fast food chain on his jacket. Some of the gathered people started applauding, and the recording of the politician went viral on the Internet.

Nigela Farage he addressed the matter on the X platform. “My milkshake attracts all the people to the rally,” he said in a short recording, paraphrasing the words of Kelis' song “Milkshake.”

The British media reminds that this is not the first incident of this type in his career Farage’a. A similar situation occurred in Newcastle in 2019.

UK elections. Nigel Farage returns to politics

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Nigel Farage Just a few days ago, he assured that he would remain the honorary chairman of Reform UK and a journalist for GB News, and that in the campaign he would limit himself to supporting the party leader, Richard Tyce. But on Monday afternoon, at a press conference in London, he announced that he had changed his mind and would not only run in the elections, but also will take back the leadership role.

As he explained, he had a “terrible feeling of guilt”that he did not declare his candidacy when it was announced elections, and felt he had let his supporters down. – I changed my mind. It's allowed, it's not always a sign of weakness. This could potentially be a sign of strength. So I'm going to run in this election. I will announce my candidacy at noon (Tuesday) in the Essex seaside town of Clacton, he said. – I cannot turn my back on this army of people. “I can't turn my back on the millions of people who followed me and believed in me despite the terrible things they said about me,” he added.

Farage's decision will have a very large impact on the election results. The right-wing populist Reform UK came third in polls a few months ago – behind the opposition Labor Party and the ruling party Conservative Party – i regularly receives 11-15 percent. votes. This is not enough to translate into parliamentary seats given the majority system used in elections to the House of Commons, but enough to harm conservatives. Because a large part of Reform UK voters are former Conservative sympathizers who are disappointed with their government, especially their helplessness in limiting immigration, both legal and illegal.

Source: BBC, The Independent

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