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UK. Mass layoffs at Dyson. Around 1,000 workers to be laid off

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Dyson, the company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners, is preparing to lay off around 1,000 workers, the BBC reports. The company said the cost cuts are necessary to prepare for the future at a time of increasing competition in global markets.

As part of the global restructuring About a thousand jobs are at risk at Dyson. The company known for selling bagless vacuum cleaners has decided to cut costs in the face of fierce competition on global markets.

“This move will ensure Dyson is prepared for the future,” said CEO Hanno Kirner, adding that the company will support those at risk of redundancy.

Kirner emphasized that the company operates in “increasingly fierce and competitive global markets”which means it should be “flexible and enterprising”.

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Dyson employs 3,500 people in the UK, which means that almost a third of its workforce could be laid off. The company has headquarters in three British cities: Bristol, London and Wiltshire.

Dyson's failed investments

Professor Andrew Graves, a mechanical engineer and political scientist at the University of Bath, said industry representatives were not surprised by the company's decision and had been “warning about it for a long time”. “There is huge competition around the world for Dyson products and a lot of their products have really not been successful recently,” he said.

As the professor emphasized, the company has set aside two billion to build an electric carbut quickly withdrew the amount and abandoned the project because it proved too difficult to implement. – Also, some of their recent products have not been very good, and the company is fighting on many fronts at the moment – he noted.

Dyson was founded by inventor Sir James Dyson, who ranks fifth on the Sunday Times Rich List with a personal fortune of £20.8 billion. Dyson is a staunch Brexiteer, saying leaving the EU would restore Britain's “spirit of freedom”.

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