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Ukraine. 8-year-old Dmytro and 10-year-old Wika were evacuated from Seversk

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Heavy fighting is taking place around the town of Siewiersk. From here to the front line only 500 meters. The police in the Donetsk region reported that eight-year-old Dmytro and his 10-year-old sister Vika were deported from this place. Over the past month, the “White Angels” group has saved dozens of children.

“Due to the constant shelling, Dmytro and Vika left their home for the last time in the winter, they only walked near the basement. Now they are safe and are going to the city of Dnieper with their mother,” the police in the Donetsk region said in a Friday statement.


Ukrainian agencies reported that the children practically did not leave the house, they “did not see the streets” for months. “Dmytro and Vika lived for a year in terrible conditions and have already learned to distinguish the explosions of different types of shells,” UNIAN reported. The evacuated girl reportedly said that “she doesn’t have any friends anymore, they’ve all left”.

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Dmytro and Wika are transported from Siewiersk National Police of Ukraine/Facebook

Near Siewiersk, located in the region of Bachmut, where before the armed invasion Russia over 11,000 people lived in Ukraine, heavy fighting is taking place. From here, it is only 500 meters to the front line. Single houses have survived in the city, there is no electricity, gas, water or communication. In the last two weeks, the situation has worsened: the Russian military has intensified attacks with the use of aviation, artillery and mortars.

The police in the Donetsk region reported that almost all children had been transported from Seversk, where nearly 60 children remained, over the past month. Officers from the “White Angels” group, dealing with the evacuation of civilians from dangerous regions, came for Dmytra and Vika.

10-year-old Wika is being prepared for evacuation National Police of Ukraine/Facebook

The issues related to the evacuation were agreed with the soldiers and authorities in the Donetsk region. “White Angels”, going to Siewiersk, took with them a dog, Rem. “With him, the children who left home felt better,” the police said in a statement.

Dmytro with the police dog, Rem National Police of Ukraine/Facebook

“The evacuation will help children regain their childhood. Currently, the family receives the full range of necessary assistance” – added the information. Donetsk police officers appeal to the inhabitants of Seversk and other towns near the front to leave these places.

Police officers from the “White Angels” group visited all places in Siewiersk where children could be, talked to their parents.

– People are afraid of uncertainty, but we show them specific places where we take them, we tell them what will be there and then they agree. The reaction of people when we take them away is amazing: they are surprised that there is communication, that a light bulb is on. They are no longer used to elementary things – said Vitaly Bukarev, a member of the “White Angels” in the Bakhmuck direction.

Main photo source: National Police of Ukraine/Facebook

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