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Ukraine. Adam Bodnar in Kiev about “readiness to track down war criminals” and the need to create a Damage Register

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Poland is in favor of establishing an international court for crimes committed in Ukraine, emphasized the head of the Ministry of Justice, Adam Bodnar, during his visit to Kiev. On Thursday, the minister met there, among others, with the Ukrainian prosecutor general and the EU commissioner for justice. Bodnar emphasized that Poland would continue to help in collecting evidence regarding the crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Adam Bodnar was on Thursday a participant in the “United for justice. United for Heritage” conference, organized a few days after the second anniversary of the explosion war in Ukraine. In addition to the head of the Polish Ministry of Justice, it was attended by, among others: Andrii Kostin, Attorney General Ukraine, and Didier Reynders, EU Commissioner for Justice. – We are in favor of prosecution and just punishment for the perpetrators of war crimes, we are ready to track them down, collect evidence of these crimes and continue cooperation in this area – said Minister Adam Bodnar. He emphasized that a special international tribunal should be created to deal with the crime of aggression of which the Ukrainian nation was a victim.

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– The existence of this type of court is an important element from the point of view of international responsibility – emphasized the minister. He noted that Poland “will make every effort” to ensure its creation.

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A meeting of the international investigation team into war crimes committed by Russians against the Ukrainian nation was also held in Kiev. For its creation (between Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania) occurred on March 25, 2022 at the border crossing in Korczowa. In the following months he joined the team International Criminal Court in The Hague and Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and Romania. In March 2023, the JIT parties signed a cooperation and coordination agreement with the United States Department of Justice. During Thursday’s meeting, an agreement was signed extending the team’s operation.

“Tens of thousands” of potential witnesses and the Damage Register

In the Ukrainian capital, Minister Bodnar noted that tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees staying in Poland may testify (before the above-mentioned special tribunal) as part of the investigation into the Russian Federation regarding crimes committed in Ukraine.

During the JIT meeting, the need to launch the Damage Register for Ukraine was also discussed. It would be set up under the auspices of the Council of Europe and serve as a record of evidence and information regarding claims for damage, loss or injury caused by aggression Russia to Ukraine.

Kiev will receive artillery shells worth over one billion euros from NATOAngelika Maj/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

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– Poland is of the opinion that claims regarding the destruction of Ukraine’s historical and cultural heritage should also be included in the register – Bodnar emphasized.

Collections of Polish officers

Deputy Minister Maria Ejchart, present in Kiev, responsible in the ministry, among others, for the Prison Service, met with the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Olena Vysotska, an expert in the field of prisons, Oleksandr Pavlichenko from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Director General of the Prison Service, Col. Hrechaniuk Serhii. In his company, she visited one of the Kiev prisons. Since the beginning of the war, over a thousand officers and employees of the Polish Security Service have been involved in helping fighting Ukraine. So far, the support has included (and still is): collections of funds and the most needed items, transport of refugees from the border with our own transport, psychological assistance and blood donations. Prison Service officers also joined in helping Ukrainian prisoners. From money collections, it was purchased and handed over to the Ukrainian side, among others. food, as well as things necessary for the proper functioning of the local penitentiary system – computer equipment, cars, power generators, bulletproof vests, as well as clothing and footwear.

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