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Ukraine. Advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky on “increasing the probability of losing the war” with Russia

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Delaying military aid for Ukraine carries a “big risk” that Kiev will lose to Moscow, said Andriy Yermak in Washington, who is trying to convince American congressmen to accept a package guaranteeing extensive assistance in the war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

If aid is delayed, “it will create a high risk that we could end up in the same situation we are in now,” Yermak said, referring to minimal progress on the frontline against the invaders. – And of course, this will greatly increase the probability that we will not be able to constantly liberate (the country – ed.) and that we will lose this war – he noted. Shalanda Young, head of the White House Office of Budget and Management (OMB), warned in a Monday letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson that if Congress does not pass a new appropriations package by the end of December, Ukraine, the administration will not be able to provide aid to this country. – Of course, without this direct help from the budget, it will be difficult to maintain (…) positions and (…) it will be difficult for people to survive (…) as the war drags on – said Yermak. – That is why it is extremely important that this aid be passed as quickly as possible – he emphasized. Congress faces a simple, inevitable one choice: whether to continue supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom or to let Putin win, said the national security adviser to the US president on Monday Jake Sullivan. As the Politico website wrote on Monday, negotiations on the adoption of an over PLN 60 billion spending package for aid to Ukraine, as well as aid for Israel and Taiwan, are stuck in an impasse. However, the bone of contention is the issue of immigration and asylum policy related to the package.

The White House has been calling for the adoption of the package for weeks, but the House of Representatives has a majority of Republicans, who – as Reuters writes – have not agreed to any aid for Ukraine since January, which has so far USA guaranteed funds equivalent to as much as USD 110 billion.


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