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Ukraine. Air Force: More than 10 S-400 missiles targeted at Kyiv. Russia attacked for the first time with this type of weapon

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The aggressor attacked Kyiv for the first time with S-400 missiles launched from the territory of the Bryansk region, said the spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuri Ihnat. He added that the Russian shelling took place on January 14. Ihnat specified that more than 10 such missiles “flying in a ballistic trajectory” hit the capital.

Yuri Ihnat, quoted by the Ukrainian media, emphasized that Russia attacked Kyiv for the first time with this type of weapon. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force indicated that for about six months the Russians have been using anti-aircraft missiles to attack ground targets in the frontline zone, in the Mykolaiv and Kharkiv oblasts. So far, the Ukrainian side has regularly informed about such use of the S-300, the older generation of anti-aircraft systems.

Kyiv, Ihnat said, was attacked from Russia’s Bryansk region. – Bryansk Oblast, S-400 strikes over 200 km and we must be aware that there is a threat from this direction as well – said Channel 5 on TV.

“You have to destroy the positions from which the rockets are launched”

However, in a commentary for the Ukrańska Pravda portal, the military specified that Kyiv was attacked with more than 10 such missiles “flying along a ballistic trajectory”.

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He noted that the Ukrainian side does not yet have the resources to shoot down such missiles, but the air force is working to counteract such steps by the aggressor. – There (in the Bryansk region) the enemy has few variants where they (these systems – ed.) can be deployed. I won’t say what needs to be done, but appropriate action is already being taken,” Ihnat said.

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The spokesman assessed that destroying Russian anti-missile systems is “much more effective than shooting down missiles that are already in the air.” – When there were questions about how to counteract the S-300 complexes in the Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions, I answered unequivocally that it was necessary to destroy the positions from which the missiles were fired – said the military man.

He also stated that Ukraine needs more weapons that can attack enemy positions at a greater distance, e.g. unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as Western ATACMS missiles, which are launched from the HIMARS launcher. So far, despite requests, the West has not handed them over to Kiev.

S-400 – rockets with increased range

The Soviet S-300 and the new Russian S-400 are anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems with surface-to-air missiles. However, it is possible to use them to attack ground targets. In this case, the range of the S-400 is much greater – up to 250 km, while the S-300 can engage targets up to about 100 km.

Analysts from the Conflict Intelligence Team project noted on Monday that “previously we have only seen the use of missiles of the S-300 systems to attack ground targets (in Ukraine – ed.), and the S-400, according to our data, was used for the first time.”

Main photo source: Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu/PAP

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