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Ukraine and the USA. Key security agreement signed

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“The parties acknowledge that this agreement exists a supporting bridge to Ukraine's future membership in NATO“- says the document.

As Reuters adds, the agreement Joe Biden i Volodymyr Zelensky is primarily intended to strengthen Kiev's defense capabilities against Russian invaders.

Ukraine-US agreement. What kind of assumption?

Ukrainian-American agreement it also defines the framework for cooperation between the two countries and support for Kiev Washington. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan reported its details.

“The agreement lays out the framework for how we will work with Ukraine and other allies to ensure that Ukraine has what it needs, both in terms of physical, intelligence and other capabilities,” he said a day earlier during a press briefing aboard an Air Force plane. The one he and Joe Biden flew on peak G7which started on Thursday in Puglia, Italy.

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We have completed negotiations with Ukraine on the bilateral security agreement, and on Thursday in Italy it will be signed by Presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky, he announced.

A bilateral agreement with the USA also awaits Poland

“I am truly grateful to everyone from our team and the team of our allies,” says the head of the Ukrainian president's office, commenting on this news. Andrij Jermak.

“We have a long road of cooperation with the USA behind us and the entire team did a great job to make this agreement possible,” he emphasized. In turn, according to the Ukrainian president, it is this “the most important of all agreements.”

So far, 15 other countries have signed similar bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including: Great BritainFrance and Germany.

Poland there is no similar agreement with Ukraine so far. Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski reported on April 4 in Brusselsthat work on the Polish-Ukrainian agreement on security guarantees is advanced, but there is no date for its signing yet.

All G7 countries plus 25 other countries incl Polandcommitted to concluding agreements during the summit NATO in Vilnius in 2023.

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