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Ukraine. Anniversary of the sinking of the Moscow cruiser. Volodymyr Zelensky recalls a “significant day”

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Exactly one year ago, the Russian flagship, the cruiser Moscow, sank in the Black Sea. The unit was hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky recalled this event and established a holiday for employees of the Ukrainian armaments sector on the anniversary of the ship’s sinking.

“Is that Ukraine that Ukraine can fight and liberate its land, that Ukraine is confident in its future is largely based on our confidence in the skills and talents, brains and strategic thinking of those who work effectively in the Ukrainian defense complex industrial and can develop it,” the Ukrainian president wrote on Telegram.

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Zelensky noted that April 13 was a “significant day”. A year ago, a Ukrainian missile “helped to bring order” to the Ukrainian waters of the Black Sea, he recalled.

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“Thanks to our Neptune, the enemy flagship went where it belongs, just like all other Russian ships,” Zelensky wrote, referring to the sentence: “Russian warship, f… out!“, uttered by the Ukrainian defender of the Snake Island in the Black Sea to the attacking Russian ship.

Zelensky also announced the establishment of April 13 as a holiday for employees of the Ukrainian defense industry.

The father of a sailor from the Moscow cruiser received his son’s death certificate after more than 100 days

Cruiser Moscow – what do we know about the sunken Russian vesselTVN24

The flagship that went down

Moscow was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet and one of the most important Russian warships. The unit was severely damaged on April 13, 2022 in the Black Sea as a result of Ukrainian shelling, she was hit by RK-360 cruise missiles Neptune.

Missile sets of this type, developed in Kiev, have been in service with the Ukrainian army since March 2021. For the first time they were used in combat conditions in the war with Russia.

Cruiser Moscow during exercises. Archival recording mil.ru

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported after the hit of the cruiser that “there was a fire and an explosion of ammunition” on the ship. The ministry also did not disclose how many sailors were on board the ship. Independent Russian media reported that more than 500 sailors served on it.

“Without exaggeration, the destruction of the Moscow cruiser is a stunning success in the war against the Russian aggressor. This event has largely enabled the security and defense forces of Ukraine: to liberate Snake Island, force the Russians to unblock sea trade routes, reduce the level of threats from the Black Sea basin” – Ukrainian military intelligence said in a communiqué on the anniversary of the sinking of the ship.

Neptune system.  Missiles with which Ukrainians hit the Russian ship Moscow

Neptune system. Missiles with which Ukrainians hit the Russian ship MoscowTVN24

Main photo source: mil.ru

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