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Ukraine. Army portal: The partisans attacked and eliminated the Rosgvardiya sub-unit. They used their own explosives

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Partisans of the Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement Atesh liquidated a sub-unit of the Russian Rosgvardiya a few days ago, the website of the Center for National Opposition, run by one of the forces of the Ukrainian army, reported on Thursday. The guerrillas attacked an enemy post in the occupied areas of the Kherson region using an explosive device of their own production, it was reported.

The website of the Center for National Opposition, run by the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian army, reported on Thursday that members of the Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement Atesh liquidated a unit of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardii) on April 23.

Partisans attacked an enemy post near the town of Oleshki in the occupied territories of the Kherson region. They used an explosive charge of their own production, the military service reported. The Atesh Movement operates in the occupied and occupied Crimea Russia southern areas Ukraine.

Ukrainian army in DonbassOLEG PETRASYUK/PAP/EPA

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Atesz announces further actions. “Operation ‘Ukrainian Night’ is just beginning”

The activities of the resistance movement against enemy forces in the south of the country are part of the operation “Ukrainian Night” announced by Atesh. Its next edition took place on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, when in the village of Wełyki Kopani near Oleszki, partisans killed two Russian soldiers. These military men were previously known for mistreating local Ukrainian civilians, the portal reads.

Reports on the first successful attacks organized by Atesz appeared in early February. As it was reported at the time, the partisans blew up the car in which two Rosgvardiya officers were traveling. The operation was carried out in the Crimea. The Atesz account on Telegram was established at the end of September 2022, so after the full-scale war in Ukraine. In the last entry, posted on Thursday, the guerrillas announced further military actions, emphasizing that “operation ‘Ukrainian Night’ is just beginning”.

Main photo source: OLEG PETRASYUK/PAP/EPA

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