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Ukraine. Attack of the White Wolves from the SBU on the tanks of the Russians. “11 targets destroyed in one night”

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The military from the special forces unit called White Wolves destroyed ten Russian tanks in one night, the Security Service of Ukraine reported on Twitter. “One enemy armored personnel carrier was also burned,” it added.

“Nine or ten? TEN! So many Russian tanks were destroyed by the special forces of the SBU ‘White Wolves’ in one night,” the Security Service wrote Ukraine on Twitter on Saturday. “One enemy armored personnel carrier was also burned. The soldiers have destroyed 11 targets in one night,” the SBU added in a statement.

“We continue to work until complete victory,” it said.

It is not clear what type of tanks were targeted by the attack. The news portal lb.ua reported that the SBU detachment destroyed these vehicles in the Donetsk direction, in eastern Ukraine.

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Ukrainian soldiers near WuhledarMARIA SENOVILLA/PAP/EPA

The Russians lose their tanks

On Thursday, the representative of the Ukrainian general staff Andriy Rudyk announced that Russia has already lost at least 15 of its state-of-the-art T-90M tanks in Ukraine, which were supposed to be “indestructible”. The officer emphasized that we are talking only about documented losses, confirmed in photos or recordings. He added that the actual number could be higher. Before the invasion, the Russian army had about 100 T-90M tanks. Further serial production of these vehicles is impossible due to Western sanctions imposed on the Russian defense industry.

In contrast, the American television channel CNN reported in early February that Russia may have lost half of the approximately 3,000 tanks with which it began the invasion of Ukraine. CNN cited data from the military blog Oryx, which estimated that 1,000 Russian tanks were destroyed and over 500 captured by the Ukrainian army.

Main photo source: MARIA SENOVILLA/PAP/EPA

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