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Ukraine, attack on a hotel in occupied Berdyansk. “The bodies of Russian soldiers were transported all night in trucks”

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The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces reported that the bodies of Russian soldiers after the attack on a hotel in occupied Berdyansk were transported “throughout the night in trucks”. The Ukrainians fired on the hotel where the Russian command was staying on Tuesday.

Spokesman for the Ukrainian general staff Andriy Kovalev in a report on Thursday said that in occupied Berdyansk, as a result of the attack on the Duna hotel, “the bodies of Russian soldiers were transported by trucks to the local mortuary.” Kovalev said that the bodies of the dead were transported at night, but did not specify whether on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Wednesday to Thursday. He also did not specify the number of Russian soldiers who died as a result of the attack.

Kovalev also said that the occupiers “intensified counterintelligence activities in nearby Mariupol. They are raiding the houses of local residents, checking documents and telephones.”

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Hotel Duna under fire

On Tuesday, Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of occupied Mariupol, who is loyal to the authorities in Kiev, announced that Ukrainian forces had shelled a hotel in Berdyansk where the commanders of the Russian troops were staying. General Oleg Cokov, deputy commander of the Southern Military District, was to die as a result of the attack Russia.

Smoke over occupied Berdyansk Serhiy Bratchuk/Telegram

Andryushchenko wrote in an entry on the Telegram channel that, according to the residents of Berdyansk, the hotel “has been razed to the ground.” “Ambulances and heavy equipment are on site that are removing the rubble. The area is surrounded. No one is allowed there,” Andryushchenko reported. He also posted a photo of the hotel before the attack.

Photo of the hotel Duna in Berdyansk

Rogov on the “series of explosions”

The representative of the occupying authorities in the Zaporizhia region, Vladimir Rogov, said that the Ukrainians attacked the hotel with British Storm Shadow missiles. On Tuesday, Rogov wrote on the Telegram channel that there was a “series of explosions” in Berdyans. Rogov claimed that “most of the Ukrainian missiles were shot down in the seaport area.”

Pillars of smoke over occupied Berdyansk Vladimir Rogov/Telegram

Ukrainian Truth, tsn.ua, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Serhiy Bratchuk/Telegram

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