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Ukraine. Attack on the Russian military airport in Kursk. Media: The drones were made of cardboard

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Ukrainian combat drones attacked the Kursk airport in western Russia on August 27. As reported on Thursday by the Operativena ZSU profile linked to the Ukrainian military, the unmanned aerial vehicles were to be made of cardboard. As a result of the action, five Russian combat aircraft were damaged.

A video of testing cardboard unmanned aircraft was presented on the social media of Operatywna ZSU. “According to our information, such drones are invisible to enemy radars. Tests have shown that after the drone’s explosion, the destructive charges cover a fairly large area, enough to damage even a large aircraft,” the release reads.

“It is with the use of cardboard drones that counterintelligence officers of the SBU (Security Service Ukraine – ed.) attacked the airport in Kursk in Russia on the night of August 27. They damaged four Su-30 and one MiG-29 planes. Among the destroyed targets were radars of the S-300 anti-aircraft system and two Pantsir anti-aircraft systems. Thanks to the unconventional actions of the SBU, the Russians have one more headache,” it added.

Attack on Kursk airport

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On Sunday, the Ukrainian side reported an attack on the military airport in Kursk. Air defense assets and a number of aircraft were there at the time of the impact. Ukrainian forces launched 16 kamikaze drones, which hit four Su-30 multi-role aircraft and one MiG-29 fighter.

“The targets hit also include radars of the S-300 system and two Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft systems,” the SBU wrote in a statement.

According to the SBU, almost all the drones hit their designated targets, Russian air defense managed to neutralize only three of them.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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