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Ukraine attacked by Russia. Ukrainian MP Kira Rudyk on the situation in Kiev, what the attacks look like, what the civilians are fighting for, what Ukraine needs

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The Russian attack on Ukraine is underway. – We are a shield for all of Europe. We are protecting Europe from the craziest tyrant of our time – said Kira Rudyk, deputy of the Ukrainian parliament in an interview with Michał Sznajder. She also talked about everyday life in Kiev. “Our evenings have started with air strikes for the last three days,” she said.

Kira Rudyk, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, i.e. the unicameral Ukrainian parliament, spoke in an interview with Michał Sznajder about the reality in Kiev during the open war that has been going on since Thursday after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

– Today is the third day of the war. Third day since Russia declared war against Ukraine. Over the last three days, our evenings have started with air strikes by the air force and the sound of sirens, she said.

“When the sirens start to wail, you have to go to the shelter. Or, if someone has stairs, for example, like me, you have to hide under the stairs. And you have to be there until the sirens stop howling. Today we heard sirens twice. There were two raids. We hear sirens, go down to the shelter. The sirens will stop howling, then we can go out after a while. This is how Russia is attacking Kiev now, she explained. She also added that according to her knowledge the Russian “land forces are to enter the city”.

MP: this is their goal, they intend to destroy the Ukrainian government

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As the Ukrainian politician said, “our armed forces have been fighting them strategically over the last two days.” – We also have smaller resistance groups, armed people. We gather, just like with my friends, we also patrol the city with weapons in these groups and in this way we try to eliminate the enemy, if it is necessary – she explained.

– Yesterday evening and during the night, 60 Russians were killed. Those Russians who tried to get closer to the city center. Where the president’s office and parliament are located. This is their goal, they intend to destroy the Ukrainian government – added Rudyk.

Kira Rudyk’s weaponIstagram/@kira.rudik

Rusyk: there is no fear in us at the moment, there is rather rage

The Ukrainian politician was also asked what it feels like to be armed and to know that you may have to use this weapon.

She admitted that if asked about it the day before the war started, she would say that “there is no option” for her to “pick up a gun at all”. – But then, when the war started, when my party and I in parliament voted in favor of imposing martial law throughout the country, I suddenly realized that I was pushed away from home by the Russians. I have to give up so much of what I love and I don’t want to do it, she said.

Kira Rudyk with a gunIstagram/@kira.rudik

– I felt very, very much angry. And this anger has kept us on our feet at the moment, for some time, she explained. – There is no fear in us right now, there is rather rage at those people who come to us. Simply because they take away our right to our way of life, they want to destroy what is important to us. It is so crazy and it is so unfair – she added.

– After all, my family did not do anything to these Russians, and they come, they come here with the intention of destroying us – she said. According to her, “this force must be opposed.”

Rudyk also assessed that “Putin did not expect us to fight so hard”. – He was expecting a blitzkrieg [wojny błyskawicznej – przyp. red.]. He thought he would just go in and take what he wanted – she said. – However, for three days of the war he did not manage to capture any large city. During the three days of the war, he lost three thousand Russian soldiers who lost their lives here in Ukraine and are returning to Russia in plastic bags. This means that Ukraine is resisting – added Rudyk.

Kira Rudyk, deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, on the situation in Ukraine.  The whole conversation

Kira Rudyk, deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, on the situation in Ukraine. The whole conversationTVN24

Ukrainian deputy: there is something we really need

The deputy said that the Ukrainians are “fighters”. – Now it’s time that you have to fight. For so long we have had to endure injustice, and now – especially when we are talking about an enemy beyond our borders, at our borders – it is unbearable. People are gathering, she continued.

She also said that her country was grateful for any help. – We are grateful for every dollar, for every penny, for every missile, every weapon we were given to build a stronger Ukrainian army. I especially want to thank Poland – said Rudyk.

She admitted that “there is something we really need”. – We also need a no-fly zone over Ukraine, so that there are no more sirens and that we do not have to run to shelters. This is what NATO countries have been asking for for some time. We know that for NATO it will mean entering an open war with Russia. But we know that if it doesn’t, we won’t be able to win this war, she said.

Rudyk: It’s not about Ukraine. It is about a new world order

– I believe that it is not about Ukraine now – she added. – It is about a new world order. It is about a security structure that will be built on the ruins of the previous system, assessed the Ukrainian politician.

According to her, “you have to ask yourself if there is any force in the world that can stop Putin”. “I don’t think she is such a force because there is still a need for interconnected systems,” she said. – If NATO is not able to stop Putin when he fights Ukraine, what is NATO for at all? – she asked.

Rudyk added that “we all heard what Putin said.” – That when he takes over Ukraine, he has further claims to Poland and the Baltic states. We are the shield for all of Europe. We are protecting Europe from the craziest tyrant of our time, said the Ukrainian deputy.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine – watch the special program on TVN24

Main photo source: Istagram/@kira.rudik

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