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Ukraine. BBC: The remains of eight Hurricane planes from the Second World War have been found near Kiev

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Parts of eight British WWII Hurricane fighters have been found in a forest near Kiev, the BBC has reported. The planes were sent to the Soviet Union after the invasion of Nazi Germany in 1941.

Employees of the National Aviation Museum Ukraine came across the remains of planes when they found an unexploded ordnance nearby, also from World War II. After examining the ravine with metal detectors, fragments of Hawker Hurricane machines were found Great Britain handed over to the USSR to help fight the Nazi army, she told the BBC on Sunday.

The remains of the machines rested in a fairly shallow ditch, into which – as the researchers believe – they were brought from a nearby field. Before they were buried, the planes were stripped of their devices and weapons.

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The BBC points out that the Hurricanes came to the USSR during World War II as part of arms assistance. They were part of a package of allied military support for the USSR, paid for by United States under the Lend-Lease program. Similar provisions are currently being used by the US government to send military aid to Ukraine to counter Russian armed aggression.

Hawker Hurricane plane. Illustrative photo KPA/United Archives/WHA/Newscom/PAP

Ukrainian aviation experts say that for the first time in their country fragments of so many British machines have been found.

“It’s very rare to find this plane in Ukraine,” said Oleksiy Shtan, a former pilot who is conducting the excavations. “This is very important to our aviation history because no Lend-Lease aircraft has been found here before,” he added.

Work on the extraction of remains

The National Aviation Museum of Ukraine is carrying out work on the extraction of the remains. Researchers would like to identify as many elements as possible so that they can be combined and demonstrated at the exhibition in the future.

The BBC believes that eight Hurricane aircraft were used at the end of World War II to cover transport networks – mainly railway routes and junctions.

“The Hurricane was a powerful and easy-to-drive car,” added Sztan. – It was stable as an artillery platform and suitable for inexperienced pilots. Reliable plane, he said.

Three thousand machines

In total, in 1941-44, the USSR received almost 3 thousand Hurricane aircraft. Most of them were destroyed in battle or later dismantled for parts. “Some planes were deliberately dismantled and buried after the war so that the USSR would not have to repay the debt to the United States. According to the provisions of the Federal Lend-Lease Act (1941), the USSR was obliged to pay for free military equipment that remained intact after the end of operations This was the fate of eight machines buried in a forest near Kiev, now the capital of independent Ukraine, but until 1991 part of the USSR “- reminded the BBC.

Vasyl Romanenko, head of the team of scientists from the National Aviation Museum, compares British aid to the USSR during World War II with today’s support for Ukraine defending itself against Russian aggression.

– In 1941, Great Britain was the first country to supply the Soviet Union with fighter jets on a massive scale. Today, the UK is the first country to provide our military with Storm Shadow missiles, said the researcher.

There were several versions of the Hurricanes in service with the RAF during World War II. Polish pilots flew them, among others.

Main photo source: KPA/United Archives/WHA/Newscom/PAP

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