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Ukraine-Belarus. Minsk is strengthening its borders. “Possible provocations”

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As reported on Saturday by the commander of the Belarusian Air Defense Forces, Col. Andrej Siewiarynczyk, the army will send additional units to the border, to protect “critical infrastructure facilities”. – The situation in our airspace over the border with Ukraine remains tense – assessed the military officer.

“We are definitely ready to use it all available forces and meansto protect our territory and the population of the Republic of Belarus from possible provocations in airspace” – Siewiarynczyk announced in a statement from the Ministry of Defense published on social media.

Belarus-Ukraine: Minsk Sends Additional Air Force Units to Border

The decision of the ministry is a result of events of the past few days. On Wednesday, the Border Guard informed about shooting down a drone that was supposed to have come from the side Ukraine and illegally cross the border in order to collect information about the Belarusian border infrastructure.

The Belarusian Ministry of National Defense also stated that it had information indicating that Ukraine moved more troops, weapons and military equipment to the Zhytomyr region, which borders Belarus.

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The Our Niva website reports that General Pavel Murawiejka – Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus – said that Ukraine has deployed on the border with Belarus spetsnaz units. In turn, on Friday, the independent website Zerkadlo.io wrote – citing the State Border Committee of Belarus – that the Belarusian border guards on the border with Ukraine shot down a reconnaissance drone and found a shelter.

Also on Friday, the Belarusian Border Guard reported that it “has information” that there is a so-called “military group” on the border with Ukraine “in the area of ​​responsibility of the Zhytomyr Border Department”. Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK)As reported, the section in question was recorded “active intelligence activities.”

“There are regular observations along the border reconnaissance flights of Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles” – it was reported, adding that the entry of such devices into the Belarusian airspace is thwarted by weapons and electronic warfare.

Ukraine she did not respond so far to Minsk's claims.

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