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Ukraine. Blowing up the dam in Nowa Kachówka. Authorities: As much drinking water as the world uses in two days has been contaminated

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The Russians blew up a dam in Nova Kakhovka last week, causing the Dnieper River to overflow into the Kherson region. According to the head of the regional authorities, Oleksandr Prokudin, the amount of water that has become unfit for use would be enough to “water the whole world for two days.”

Such damage estimates were posted by an official on Facebook on Monday. Oleksandr Prokudin announced that he took part in a meeting of the parliamentary commission that day Ukraine for environmental policy.

“The estimated amount of damage to the environment due to the Russians blowing up the (dam) of the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant is already over 1.5 billion euros,” Prokudin said. In addition to water damage, estimates of losses include the flooding of almost 55,000 hectares of forest, the official explained.

Flooded areas after blowing up the dam in Nowa KachówkaPAP/EPA/STAS KOZLIUK

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According to the head of the administration of the Ukrainian Kherson region, the amount of water that has become unusable would be enough to “water the whole world for two days.”

The Russians blew up the dam in Nowa Kakhovka

On June 6, Ukrainian authorities reported that the Russians had blown up a dam on the Dnieper River in Nowa Kakhovka, which forms the 240-kilometre-long Kakhovsky Reservoir. The hydroelectric power plant located on the dam was completely destroyed.

In the Kherson region, 46 towns are flooded, including 32 in Ukrainian-controlled territories and 14 on the temporarily occupied left bank of the Dnieper.

Flooded Kherson. The effects of blowing up the Kachów Water Dam Vladyslav Musiienko/PAP

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/STAS KOZLIUK

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