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Ukraine. British Defense Ministry on “deeper dysfunction” of Russia’s long-range strike capability

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Evidence gathered over months of fighting in Ukraine suggests a dysfunction in Russia’s long-range strike capabilities, the British Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. The ministry recalled the recent attack on a block in the Dnieper, which was hit by a Russian anti-ship missile. “It is notoriously inaccurate when used against ground targets,” the release said.

In the daily intelligence update of the British Ministry of Defence, it was stated that January 14 Russia Russia resumed long-range missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure, firing dozens of missiles for the first time in about 15 days. As with the previous eight strike waves since October 11, 2022, Russia has primarily targeted the Ukrainian power grid.

Photo from January 15, 2023

Rescuers search the rubble of a block of flats in the DnieperPhoto from January 15, 2023PAP/EPA/OLEG PERTASYUK

It was added that a large Kh-22 anti-ship missile, marked in the code FOR THIS as AS-4 Kitchen, launched from a Tu-22M3 medium bomber (NATO designation – Backfire), resulting in the deaths of at least 44 people. Russia falsely suggested that a Ukrainian air defense missile was responsible.

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“Kitchen is notoriously inaccurate when used against ground targets, as its radar guidance system is poor at distinguishing between targets in urban areas. Similar weapons have been responsible for other mass civilian casualties, including the Kremenchuk shopping mall strike on 27 June 2022.” – it was written.

Ch-22 missile fragments in the Zaporizhia region UKRINFORM/PAP

“Although some projectiles, such as the Kitchen, are not suitable for precision strikes, evidence from war in Ukraine suggest that the dysfunction of Russia’s long-range strike capabilities runs deeper. They most likely have problems with dynamic identification of targets and access to fast and accurate assessment of combat damage.

Main photo source: UKRINFORM/PAP

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