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Ukraine. British Ministry of Defence: Average Russian losses highest since the first week of the war

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is underway. According to data published by the British Ministry of Defence, over the past two weeks Russia has probably recorded the highest rate of fatalities among its soldiers so far. Admittedly, the Ukrainian methodology behind the study could not be verified, but the trends it shows appear accurate.

The daily intelligence update of the British Ministry of Defense includes a graphic illustrating the average Russian losses, prepared on the basis of data published daily by the Ukrainian General Staff.

As noted, although Military Intelligence (DI) cannot verify the Ukrainian methodology, the trends depicted by these data are likely to be accurate. They show that the average for the last seven days was 824 victims a day, more than four times more than in June and July 2022.

At the same time, the British emphasized that the high rate of casualties is also still present on the side Ukraine.

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“The increase in Russian casualties is likely due to a number of factors, including a lack of trained personnel, coordination and resources across the front – as exemplified by Wuhledar and Bakhmut,” it said.

Losses among Russian soldiers

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Saturday that Russian troops lost 1,140 people in the previous day in fighting in Ukraine. The Russians – according to Ukrainian sources – also lost nine tanks and 19 artillery systems. The total casualties suffered by the Russian army in the war are now approaching – according to the calculations of the Ukrainian army – 137,000 (136,886).

According to intelligence estimates announced in January USA Russian losses in Ukraine amount to 188,000 soldiers killed and wounded (as of January 20).


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