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Ukraine, British Ministry of Defense about the plague of rats and mice on the Ukrainian front

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Both Russian and Ukrainian forces have most likely begun to struggle with an extremely severe plague of rats and mice on some sections of the front in recent weeks, the British Ministry of Defense said in an intelligence update on Saturday.

The British ministry’s report noted that this year’s mild autumn, along with plenty of food from fields left fallow due to fighting, probably contributed to the increase in rodent numbers. As the weather has become colder, animals are likely seeking shelter in military vehicles and defensive positions.

The intelligence update also stated that rodents may additionally contribute to weakening the morale of soldiers fighting on the front line. They also pose a threat to military equipment by chewing through cables, which was already reported in the same area during World War II.

UkraineMinistry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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Unverified reports also suggest that Russian units are beginning to suffer from an increased number of illnesses, which soldiers attribute to the pest problem, the British ministry reported.

Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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