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Ukraine. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski again distributed aid to Ukrainians. “We are trying to move forward together with them”

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The papal almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, delivered aid to the people of Cherson and the surrounding area in southern Ukraine for another day. Franciszek’s envoy visits towns that were flooded as a result of blowing up the dam in Nowa Kachówka. “There, no one knows the day or the hour, what may happen, because the Russians shoot from the other side of the Dnieper,” the hierarch told Vatican Radio.

Polish cardinal who went to Ukraine for the sixth time since the beginning of the Russian invasion of the country, he spoke to Vatican Radio on Thursday. He stressed that there is still a threat in Ukraine. – We haven’t gotten used to it over the last few days, but they live with it, they’re quite calm, you can say they almost don’t react to sirens, they just live. And we’re trying to move forward with them,” he said.

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This is his sixth visit to Ukraine since the outbreak of full-scale Russian aggressionVatican Radio

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He visited flooded towns. “It wasn’t easy to get there, every few kilometers there was an army”

Cardinal Krajewski reported on the next day of his mission, in which he visited towns affected by flooding after blowing up the dam on the Dnieper River in Nowa Kachówka. “There, no one knows the day or the hour, what may happen, because the Russians shoot from the other side of the Dnieper,” he said.

With help in Ukraine, Cardinal Krajewski visited the destroyed townsVatican Radio

– We drove very far towards the dam where whole villages were flooded. The road was breakneck, we made 60 kilometers, but driving through the fields, because the roads are also ruined there – he said. He reported that “basic products” had been delivered, but also beds, as well as beds, which “people simply have nothing to sleep on”.

– It was not easy to get there, because every few kilometers there was an army that checked all the documents, because they are still afraid of various Russian groups operating there – he pointed out. – We do not have off-road vehicles, so we had to be very careful not to get stuck somewhere, because there is still a lot of water – said the priest. He noted that together with the drivers of the other two vehicles, he was driving through areas where the car was half submerged in water. – We met a group of residents who, seeing us, can be said to have gone mad with joy that someone remembers them, that someone is with them. As usual, I distributed the Holy Father’s rosaries to everyone. They immediately kissed them and put them around their necks to protect them. We spent some time there and late in the evening, already under the cover of night, we returned to Kherson, where the bombardment continued during the night, added the prefect of the Dicastery for the Ministry of Mercy.

He distributed the most necessary things to those in needVatican Radio

“There are a lot of signs of kindness in all that we encounter here”

Francis’s special envoy said that together with Bishop Jan Sobiło from Zaporizhia, he visited “all the communities that remained here, starting with the Greek Catholics, through the Orthodox Church subject to Moscow, and the local parish.” – We met with people, we were in the hospital, or rather in what was left of the hospital, because it was also bombed. There are only a few women giving birth, he said.

“We’ve been to all those neighborhoods that were flooded. This is a tragic situation, also sanitary, because the water receded and the temperatures are so high that they destroy everything. There are districts where there is no one, those by the Dnieper, because on the other side Russians are shooting all the time. It is very difficult to move there, because any movement can cause another shelling – he reported.

Papal almoner with help in UkraineVatican Radio

As the papal almoner admitted, “it is a very sad city, because only a few people are left in it, but on the other hand, there is also incredible goodness.” – Dominicans from Fastów have opened a canteen-dining room here, where over a thousand people who stayed can come for meals together. This dining room was also created thanks to the help of the Holy Father, because the last time I was there, he donated money for the maintenance and creation of this dining room. So there are also a lot of signs of goodness with everything we encounter here.”

Main photo source: Vatican Radio

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