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Ukraine. Chief of military intelligence: we have our associates in the entourage of Vladimir Putin

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The situation in Russia is deteriorating day by day, which is why it is becoming easier for us to find Russians who decide to cooperate with us, said Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence. According to information provided by representatives of the Ukrainian security services, Kiev has collaborators even in the closest circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

– I will not talk about specific numbers, let alone personal details, but I can confirm that we have our associates in Putin’s entourage – Kyrylo Budanov revealed in an interview with the Ukrainian Pravda portal on Thursday.

As he explained, “the main motivation of these people is the ability to function normally in the future”, i.e. after the change of power in Russia. “I don’t think I’m going to reveal a big secret (if I say) that we have close relations with many countries of the world,” the head of the HUR stressed.

Russians collaborating with Ukraine ‘do it for their own benefit’

In mid-February, similar reports were made by a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence, Andriy Cherniak. – In war, we use all methods permitted by law. We found a way to establish cooperation even with people very close to Putin. These people are (in the Kremlin) beyond suspicion (because) they are known as supporters of “Greater Russia,” he admitted in an interview with the Greek portal Iefimerida.

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Head of Ukraine’s military intelligence: We have our associates in Putin’s entouragePAP/EPA/ANTON NOVODEREZHKIN/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN/POOL

According to Czerniak, high-level Russian officials do not cooperate with the HUR because of “friendly feelings towards Ukraine“. – Everyone does it for their own benefit. It’s just in their interest. Someone wants to save lives, and someone else cooperates (for financial reasons). After the invasion of Ukraine, many people began to lose their money and influence very quickly there – he explained .

In his opinion, “these people are not ready for any coups at the moment” in the Kremlin. “But if Putin loses power, they will destroy him,” added Czerniak.


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