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Ukraine. Children’s Ombudsman: Russia uses five scenarios to kidnap our children

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The Ukrainian Ombudsman for Children’s Rights presented five methods by which Russia abducts children from Ukraine. Daria Herasymczuk explained that finding them is difficult because the children’s phones are taken away, which makes it impossible to determine their whereabouts.

Russia uses at least five scenarios to abduct children from Ukraine – informed on Wednesday the Ukrainian Ombudsman for children’s rights, Daria Herasymchuk. – The first scenario, when the occupiers first kill the parents and then kidnap the child, who at that time was hiding with other adults, for example, in a basement in Mariupol – said Herasymchuk, quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

The second is when the child and parents are separated during the so-called filtration activities. – During filtration, they keep parents for various reasons or no reason at all. Then they take the child away, telling him that the parents no longer need him, that he will be adopted by Russian citizens or placed in a foster family, and the parents will not come to him anymore, the spokeswoman explained.

Evacuation of children in Irpien, July 2022Shutterstock

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The third scenario is when the conditions in the occupied territories are completely unlivable and the Russians propose to the parents to give the child to the so-called “rehabilitation or rest camps” in Russia. After that, that baby doesn’t come back.

Children cannot report their whereabouts

The fourth way is the deprivation of parental rights or the deprivation of foster carers by the so-called act of the occupying authorities, and then the child’s deportation to the territory of Russia.

– The fifth way when the Russians steal the child directly from the institutional care institution – said Herasymchuk. – They take away children’s mobile phones, prevent them from calling their relatives and do not keep their contact details. This is done so that the child cannot report his whereabouts and so that we cannot find him – the spokeswoman summed up.

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